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You want to know if you’re addicted to running?

If you are passionate about sport and particularly the running, you can now know how far reaches your commitment and need for jogging. You want to know if you’re addicted to running? We conducted a test of 10 questions for you to know.

The running is one of the most popular sports worldwide and has unconditional followers who could not imagine spending only a few days without leaving to run, but is it true that you can create addiction?

You want to know if you're addicted to runningHow the test works

For the result of this test only you have to answer 10 questions that will assess to what extent is your commitment and relationship to the running.

What is it for

It is true that on many occasions people who are passionate about the sport can not conceive spend a few days without practice, but not only for the sake of not exercising, but what brings us exercise, but is this addiction?

It discusses often with the couple for a television channel (and are not addicted to TV), and sometimes we get angry or changes the mood for any nonsense unimportant … are these enough questions to call it addiction?

The important thing is to enjoy what we do but of course we must not become obsessed with anything , sport included. I personally do not consider myself a sports addict, but it is true that brings me feel good, good humor and a “auto” personal that I love.

Still I define myself as passionate, not addicted !!

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