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What to do to prevent varicose veins?


Some of our readers have asked us about how to prevent varicose veins, identify and eliminate them. Our expert then offers a series of tips to keep in mind to look the best legs this summer.

  “I do not feel comfortable showing my legs. How can I get rid of those unsightly veins in view of all and prevent them from reappearing? “

Our expert offers you a few tricks you can try with your problem. Varicose veins and also what is known in medicine spider veins occur when a valve failure causes the blood system embalming blood in the veins. The swelling becomes visible where the skin is thinner, which usually occurs in the legs. Since age veins become more elastic and valves tend to weaken, it is not uncommon ailment also appear more frequently as a birthday older. In addition, varicose veins go beyond a mere aesthetic or cosmetic problem.

  • To prevent varicose veins, leg exercises regularly and tries to maintain a healthy weight (relative to your height). This improves blood circulation and strengthens the veins.
  • Too much salt can also cause inflammation, so if you’re prone to varicose veins, you should maintain a diet low in sodium and high in fiber.
  • Avoid crossing your legs, a position that increases pressure on the blood stream. If you also have to spend much time standing for whatever reason, you should wear compression stockings, as they help the veins work more efficiently and relieve some discomfort.


Try natural products

They are also recommended supplements horse chestnut. Studies have shown that the extract from the seeds of this tree (Aesculus hippocastanum) can strengthen the veins and reduce inflammation.

Another supplement is possible pinus pinaster, an antioxidant found in pine bark and also strengthens the veins. If you take any of these two supplements must always follow the indications and dosages specified on the packaging.

We recommended the range of natural products, composed of pills and cream that contribute to the prevention and elimination of bleeding, swelling and heaviness in the legs, improving the circulation and hydration. Clinically tested, all components are natural and include, among others, elements such as horse chestnut and Pinus pinaster. Their combined use will generate the best results, but can also be used separately.

“(I go running regularly). I have come varicose veins in my left leg and my left calf hurts when I walk. Any advice on how to reduce varicose veins and the pain? “

I can clearly identify the relationship between your sorrow and your varicose veins but not sure they have any relationship with your pain in the calves. You may simply have calf muscle cramps start exercising “cold”. In heating mode, always walk about 10 minutes at a comfortable speed before going on to run at your own pace you want.

“I have varicose veins in a while, but not very serious to have to operate them, but I wish they would go away. Is there a natural way to remove varicose veins than invasive? “

If you’re prone to varicose veins, hereditary or lifestyle, it is best to take food supplements to improve blood circulation, you keep blood vessels clean and combat tired legs. On the other hand, if you already have and you have varicose veins, besides taking food supplements that are not extended, you must lean creams with menthol to produce an immediate calming effect on the legs.

More than Health we recommend as a treatment for eliminating varicose veins, the pack consisting of pills and cream. On the one hand, act from inside body with a dietary supplement that consists of white Indian chestnut, pine and broom, eliminating the heaviness of the legs and enhances blood flow of the veins. On the other hand, it wears a cream that has an immediate effect, which relieves pain and is further composed of anti-inflammatory extracts with skin regenerative properties.

Different treatments

If the pain continues even warming up before running, it is best that you go to visit a doctor. This type of calf pain can sometimes be a symptom of a far more serious condition called intermittent claudication and is caused by a blockage of the arteries that prevents good circulation both to and in the legs and that is related to heart ailments or complications of diabetes.


But this is often not the case and if despite all swollen and bulging veins still causing you pain, consider you undergo Sclerotherapy. In the same one, the dry saline into the affected vein reinforcing their walls, and seals is relatively painless and very effective (I know because I’ve done it) is injected.

Endovenous laser

Many patients have also performed well with the endovenous laser treatment, which destroys the larger veins and then seals the area of the break. Both therapies are minimally invasive, widely used and very effective at removing the cause of the problem. Possible side effects that can have both: redness, bruising and swelling of the affected area, which usually disappear within one month or two months. Of course, the two are very expensive treatments. Consult your doctor because you might be able to recommend a specialist on it.


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