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Wearables: not always useful for weight loss

It makes a short time ago we told that the use of technology can enhance weight loss when combined with traditional strategies because favoring self – monitoring, however, the wearables are not always useful for weight loss says a recent study published in the JAMA.

Quantifiers: useful or not to lose weight?

To compare the results of a traditional interventions such as cognitive behavioral therapy and the same combined intervention technology as wearables and use of websites about weight loss, an investigation was conducted with about 500 adults for 24 months, making measurements every 6 months.

Wearables not always useful for weight lossThus, it was found that while all groups achieved a reduction in body weight and positive changes in body composition, in those who were not obese, the addition of a monitor fitness or gadget quantifier does not result in higher profits the standard intervention.

However, the results of this study may vary from one person to another, do not forget that many people do get extra motivation or slimming aid when using quantifiers or other technology, while not achieve continuity when only adhere to a conventional strategy slimming.

That is, the findings of the study may put into question the usefulness of wearables and other technologies to thin , but perhaps these resources do favor the adoption of healthy habits such as regular training or a healthier diet, which you can certainly benefit long term and even help control body weight.

Previous studies have shown that the gadgets that help quantify adopt good living habits, however, each person is different and affinity for technology may influence the effects of wearables in each individual.

Thus, it is important not only to choose the right gadget but also have clear objectives, preferences and needs of each, because depending on many factors, wearables may or may not be useful for weight loss.

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