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Types Of Exercises

Types Of Exercises

The types of exercises are classified as aerobic, strength, flexibility and action. Exercise is known as any physical activity that involves a benefit to the body and that leads to the production of endorphins, and the increase in energy, endurance and tone of the muscles.

Physical activity, or exercise is considered one of the primary and necessary activities since it helps keep hormonal levels, nutrients and other values ​​that determine a healthy organism at bay.

What are the types of exercises?

AerobicTypes Of Exercises

Are those exercises that help raise oxygen levels, they allow the body to function optimally since each of the aerobic routines facilitates or allows blood to circulate better through the veins and transfer oxygen from an effective way, both to cells and to tissues. It is the best types of exercises.

Aerobic exercises allow the body to remain active at all times and at all times, these being very easy to perform since they do not merit greater energy consumption nor do they imply the use of force. The most common are:

Walking, the easiest to carry out, so that it is efficient, a walk is required in the morning hours, for 20 to 30 minutes, calmly and without haste, having to stop when the body feels tense and the person becomes fatigued.

Riding a bicycle, the most correct thing is that the route is made through smooth areas, that is, where the surface is smooth, to avoid greater efforts, in the same way, it is necessary that the speed is constant so that there is no wear of the muscles or lower extremities.

Swimming, one of the most recommended exercises, especially in children, its practice should be gentle, constant and unhurried, as if the person enjoyed being in the water in motion.

Various exercises, or called aerobics, are those that involve routines of coordinated movements between the upper and lower extremities, these being the ones that help keep the body moving and toned.

Running, as long as it is carried out calmly and very quietly, that is, it is an exercise controlled by the person both in speed and time.

Of strengthTypes Of Exercises

Also classified as resistance it consists in the use of an artifact, technique, equipment, object or the body itself, in order to generate a kind of resistance to the muscle in use, in order to tone and strengthen it.

The idea is that the resistance counteracts the same muscular tone, but that does not exceed it since this can cause tearing or deviations, such is the case, of the weights, the correct thing is to raise or makeweights of kilos that the body can tolerate with some effort, but it is not necessary to exceed the limits since this could generate from tendonitis to possible fractures.

Of flexibilityTypes Of Exercises

Some criticize this types of exercises because they are not physical activities but recreational activities, but every day they are more accepted by the fitness community, where stretching activities are considered essential for both the body and the spirit of the person since they invite relaxation and calm.

These involve the assumption of postures in a state of stillness and tranquility, controlled movements, but that requires some resistance, with the idea that the person through each movement takes control of his body.

The idea of ​​these exercises is to allow greater body control, muscle tone and mastery of one’s own strength, all through a series of self-control and relaxation sessions.

The idea of ​​the exercises is that they are carried out with constancy and discipline, in the form of routines that the same person assumes as a commitment, in order to be able to carry out a healthier and fuller life.

The person must start from the mentalization, understanding that physical activity is necessary not so much from the aesthetic perspective, but more than anything, from a healthy vision, as an activity necessary for bodily well-being.

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