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Tips and exercises to relieve back pain

back pain

The lifestyle that we usually take is not the best one to take care of our body. In fact, many times we suffer minor discomfort that, with a little exercise and a few preventive habits, we could avoid. One of the parts of the body that suffers most is the back. If this is your case, or if you want to prevent future discomfort, we will give you some tips to relieve back pain that you can put yourself into practice each day.

You probably spend many hours a day working, both standing and sitting, and do not pay enough attention to what your back is suffering. In fact, it is also likely that you are one of those people who suffer or have suffered discomfort at some time.

But it is not only the physical habits that can affect the back and the spine. Tensions, worries, and stress also influence health, and this includes back pain.

How can you relieve your back pain?

To prevent or reduce back pain, you can take some measures or habits like the ones we propose here:

1.- Take care of your posturesback pain

If you spend many hours sitting, it is important to have a good chair and that the table and computer screen are at the correct height. Try to support your back on the back and always have an upright posture. Keep reading http://wordgrill.com/health/back-pain-in-cyclists-these-are-the-most-frequent-causes-and-so-you-can-solve-them/

In the case that you have to lift weights, it is essential that you bend your knees and keep your back straight so that the force does not load on the spine and the kidneys.

2.- Exercise frequentlyback pain

One of the best ways to fight back pain is to keep the body in shape and, for that, the ideal is to do physical exercise. But it does not need to be demanding activities or sports.

Depending on your abilities and the intensity of the pains, you can practice swimming, yoga, tai chi or, simply, perform neck and shoulder stretching exercises.

3.- Limit the use of mobile devicesback pain

The most innocent habits can be more dangerous than we think. One of those habits so frequent in our day to day, especially since a few years ago, is the use of the mobile phone.

Whether at home, at work or when we use public transport, at the end of the day there are many times that we spend in an incorrect position looking at the screen and using these devices, which also influences headaches, neck, etc.

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4.- A suitable and comfortable footwearback pain

Each time we spend more time away from home and that means that, on many occasions, our shoes are not the most comfortable and appropriate for walking or standing. If you have to spend many hours standing in your work, it is best to use appropriate or specific shoes.

And, to prevent discomfort in the back, try to limit whenever you can the use of heels, especially the highest, as they can greatly affect the back. Continue reading- 10 errors that raise your cholesterol without realizing it

5.- The necessary breaksback pain

At the end of the day, it is necessary to slow down and recover strength. But, above all, it is very important to respect the time of sleep and the place where you sleep.

To get the best rest and that this does not affect the back, it is advisable to have a good mattress and a suitable pillow. The time spent in bed is usually between seven and eight hours, and it is necessary to have good support for the back and the head.

6.- The sleeping postureback pain

So that the night’s rest is perfect, not only do you have to sleep the necessary hours and on the right mattress and pillow, but you also have to do it in the correct posture.

To relieve back pain while sleeping, it is better to avoid the upside down posture, and preferably to sleep on your back, on your side or in a fetal position.

7.- Pay attention to stressback pain

The current lifestyle can cause many moments of tension, worry, and stress. In some cases, this may affect or influence the health of the back, even if there are no direct physical reasons.

The best way to avoid this is to get away from worries and lead a more relaxed and natural lifestyle. For this, it is important that you know how you can reduce the stress of your day today.

8.- A healthy and healthy dietback pain

Healthy eating can help you avoid back pain. The reason is that, when you take an inadequate diet and gain weight, this affects the back, which suffers more from the efforts made.

There are doctors who also recommend increasing the consumption of vitamin D, as it strengthens the bone system and, with this, can help you take care of your back.

Do not let the back pain lengthen in time

On many occasions, although we feel discomfort, we do not give them the importance and we think that they can be cured by themselves. It may be that way, but it is also possible that the back pains remain or worsen. If this is the case, the best thing is that you go to the doctor and he recommends what treatment or what measures to take.

Anyway, the most common discomforts that affect the back can be prevented in a simple way with some measures like the ones we have told you here, and they are also easy to solve. You only have to dedicate a few minutes a day to do some physical exercise and change some of your habits, and postures, both at work and at home.

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