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This is how your diet should be if you have high uric acid

high uric acid

The uric acid originates upon degradation of purines. Although this component is always present in our body, in excess it can represent different risks for the organism. Therefore, we tell you how your diet should be if you have high uric acid.

How much is high uric acid?high uric acid

Uric acid originated after the metabolism of purines, is present in all human organisms and much is eliminated by urine. However, their excesses can represent different risks for the organism such as the possibility of suffering from gout. An articular disease that causes a lot of pain, stones or kidney stones and also, greater cardiovascular and general metabolic risk.

Normal levels of uric acid in the body are considered between 4 and 6 mg / dl. Values that can be known with a simple blood test.

When 7 mg / dl or more of uric acid is present in the blood. The risks are considered present and elevated uric acid in the blood or hyperuricemia is diagnosed.

The diet if you want to reduce uric acid in your bloodhigh uric acid

As noted in a study published in 2012, our diet can have a great influence on the levels of uric acid in the blood. And just as it can cause excesses in the body, it is also essential when reducing blood levels to protect the blood. Health. Keep reading- Causes of low blood pressure in young women

In this way, we leave the following advice if you have high uric acid :

Reduce red meathigh uric acid

Red meats are among the foods with more purines, beef, liver, pork and pork products such as blood sausage, sausage, sausage and other sausages are the most concentrated in these substances whose metabolization gives rise to uric acid in our body.

Therefore, limiting red meats in our diet and processed meats based on these is key if we want to take care of our health by controlling uric acid levels in our blood.

In the same way, it is recommended to avoid extracts of meat. And meat broths that by solubilizing the purines, are concentrated in this component.

Increase water intakehigh uric acid

Since the purines are soluble in water and uric acid is mostly eliminated by urine, ingesting adequate levels of water can be of great help to avoid the concentration of this component and its precipitation in the form of crystals which is what subsequently It results in arthritis called gout.

Water as a base and preparations based on this or filled with liquids such as soups and cold creams shakes. Or various infusions will always be of great help to control uric acid levels and their consequences in the body.

Increase consumption of fruits and vegetableshigh uric acid

The fruits and vegetables are rich in water, free of purines in general or very low in them as in the case of dark leafy leaf or cabbage, whose previous boiling consumption reduces its content because as we said, are soluble in water.

But in addition, they are foods rich in vitamin C that in research published in The Journal of Rheumatology has been linked to lower hyperuricemia and less presence of factors that raise uric acid in the blood.

Use dairy products and eggs to replace meats

Dairy products and proteins that are not derived from meat or fish are not harmful to those who have high uric acid. As they do not have purines inside them.

On the other hand, as scientists from Boston point out, dairy products are inversely associated with the incidence of hyperuricemia.

Then, the proteins are not the problem but the purines, from there we must avoid red meat mainly. And moderate birds and fish as well as seafood. But in its replacement, we can go to eggs but mainly to dairy to reduce the levels of uric acid in the blood.

Avoid alcohol whenever possiblehigh uric acid

The alcoholic beverages in general, and especially beer, are associated in various studies to increased production of uric acid in the body. Therefore it is essential to avoid drinking alcohol if we want to control hyperuricemia.

Even small amounts can be harmful if consumed daily for a long time. And therefore, whenever possible we should avoid consumption.

Reduce the ultra-processed and processed sweetshigh uric acid

The sweet foods naturally as fruits, nothing harmful to health but on the contrary, help reduce blood uric acid.

On the other hand, sweet-tasting ultra-processed may have added fructose or free fructose that. As a study published in FASEB Journal indicates, may increase uric acid in the blood. And produce other negative metabolic effects in the body.

Therefore, nothing better than reducing the added sugars in the diet by changing processed and ultra-processed by real food.

As we can see, the diet can influence in different ways about uric acid in the body. And the aforementioned tips can help you reduce your levels easily.

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