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The sun safely

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When you are exposed to the sun prudence it is never enough. Protect the view from the summer light and reflected, it is important to avoid unpleasant consequences. We must be cautious and aware of the risks to which we expose our eyes when we do not.

We all know the damage that the sun can cause to our skin, but we often forget our eyes. Research has determined, in fact, a correlation between exposure to UV and ophthalmic diseases in the short and long term. Expose themselves without adequate protection for ultraviolet rays that are part of the radiation emitted by the sun (hence the more energized, dangerous to the skin and eyes) it is a big mistake, especially in the summer. Stay in the shade is not enough to protect the eyes because UV rays are reflected from the sea, sand and other surfaces. Why sunglasses are essential, as long as we have certain requirements.

Skin CareIt is recommended that a frame that completely covers the eye area, so as not to let the rays laterally and from above. The lenses must be of good quality to ensure a correct view of the images without distortion or reflections.

Until recently from, manufacturers of sunglasses and eyeglasses were applying protection filters UV rays just to front. Today, studies and research have highlighted the need to apply an anti-UV filter even on the inner surface of the lens: 50% of these rays originate precisely from the back of the lens and, reflecting on its inner surface, affecting straight in the eye. By law sunglasses should have a booklet in which is indicated the degree of protection from UV ranging from 1 to 5.

As for color, there are no special precautions and the choice can be selected according to personal taste. It should be remembered, however, that the slow intensely colored, perfect for leisure, alter color perception, and are therefore not suitable for driving or working.

For subjects with irises and clear for those with photophobia, in the beach or in the mountains and in all sports in which it is easy that sunlight is reflected on surfaces beam, polarized lenses have been designed that are able to filter out annoying reflections issued by shiny surfaces, increasing the contrast and improving the perception of the image.
Useful also the type lenses photochromatic that get progressively darker according to the greater exposure to light. Excessive exposure to sunlight is responsible of well recognized diseases of the eye, in particular of the conjunctiva, the cornea, the crystalline lens and the retina.

In the case of an interest of the ocular surface (conjunctiva or cornea) we can have acute manifestations such as actinic keratoconjunctivitis that causes redness, burning and foreign body sensation solvable with adequate topical therapy based artificial tears (sometimes can residuare the feeling of eyes dried for months), until you get to chronic manifestations, also of degenerative type, such as the pinguecula and pterygium, that in advanced situations and potentially damaging for the view they require surgical excision.

Ingested in large amounts, the ultraviolet rays may be responsible for the loss of transparency of the lens: why, those exposed to sunlight for much of their lives, without adequate protection, can more easily develop a cataract.
By solar radiation it can be affected even the most important part of the retina, the deputy central vision, which is the macula, encouraging the development of AMD. For more visit http://rewardprice.com/


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