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The myth of not eating carbohydrates to prevent weight gain


From time to time on the blog we review some of the preconceived ideas regarding the most effective ways of dieting. Some time ago we talked about how eating certain amount of fat needed. Now it is the turn to other foods often mentioned as a cause of overweight carbohydrates. It turns out they are the basis of healthy eating, and not to abuse their consumption either, but without them is dangerous.

DietThe fashion fad diets

We have said several times. It is natural to seek simple solutions to complex problems, but that does not mean that you have. To lose weight, there is a healthy way and that works long term: more exercise while eating better (and possibly a little less). But that takes time and not everyone is willing to make the effort. Why are so successful miracle diets.

A few months ago we mentioned the case of the Dukan diet, and the dangers that could entail. But it’s not the only one who is fashionable. Lately has much pull the Atkins diet, especially in the Anglo-Saxon sphere. And recommending this diet? The first recommendation is to avoid eating carbohydrates, which coincidentally happen to be the basic elements of a healthy food pyramid.

The danger of not eating enough carbohydrates

Carbohydrates give us energy throughout the day. So it is not surprising that the followers of the Atkins diet usually suffer from fatigue and sleep during the afternoon. But if that alone would not be so worrying. What it calls attention to the danger of not eating enough carbs is that followers of this diet are more likely to have memory loss and heart problems.

Nor is it good to eat too many carbs

Even if they are the basis of a healthy diet, carbohydrates must be consumed in perspective. An excess consumption involves eating too many calories and causes excess weight. But it’s the same with other elements, such as when too much sugar, too much fat or swallowed. As always, it’s all about try to have a balanced diet every day, with your carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables and protein sources.


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