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The Fast Strain Kratom effects

Fast strain Kratom can make you want to be social, even if you are introverted or anxious!

I use to take cocaine for this – and kratom has changed my life so much in this aspect – since taking kratom I’ve never touched cocaine again!

Listen don’t get me wrong – I’m not comparing these – Kratom has just helped me kick this very bad habit that I had for a very long time.

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Kratom in my opinion far exceeds the feeling of cocaine –

Kratom leaves you feeling happy and content and cocaine makes you feel paranoid and horrible! (I’ve used cocaine for a very long time and I’m so glad that I don’t touch the stuff any longer)

The best way I can describe the Fast Strain Kratom is this –

You have a feeling of satisfaction – you are in a really good mood and you are interested in people and their stories!

You have a happy energy and you feel great!

The Fast Strain Kratom effects

Being More Productive –

Like going to the gym, housework, gardening anything physical will be no problem for you!

Getting things done as well – it seems to be a pleasure whatever you do!

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Getting Motivated –

If I don’t feel like doing anything but I know I need to – I will take this strain – before long I will be out and about.

There is more to it as well – you feel alive and ready to live life.

You are willing to take on challenges that you couldn’t face before!

The fast strand is my favourite strand if I’m honest with you!

I do rotate the strands – if you tend to only take one strand for weeks or days on end,  the kratom effects from that strand will wear off – you won’t feel the effect as much!

So I rotate my fast strain with the moderate and slow strains!

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