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The chicken breast and processed turkey is not as reliable as we think

A star in the diet of every athlete is the turkey breast or chicken. It is almost always present in the day, as it brings us plenty of proteins with very low levels of fat. That is, it is a very valuable food to muscle fibers. But if we look carefully at the number of products found in the market, we realize that is not so pure food as we painted. Therefore we want to stop at this post in uncovering the processed breast and seek alternatives to it.

As all processed food, turkey breast or chicken is back a ** industrial process to make it what we see and know **. This food is the result of a number of ingredients that have nothing to do with the turkey or the properties they want us to believe it has. Therefore we want to analyze what they are and some alternatives to avoid this and get turkey consume most natural way possible.

The chicken breast and processed turkey is not as reliable as we thinkNot all content is flesh

It is true that both turkey and chicken are processing the raw material is meat from that animal, but in what proportion ?. Most of those who are in the market range from 50% to 70% of the composition. That is, in any case 100% of what we are going to take mouth is or turkey meat or chicken. In between there are other ingredients that cannot be overlooked.

The potato starch is the star in most of them, like starch. What this does is to give consistency and unification meat. With these ingredients the appearance is homogenous. To this must be added the gelatins that are used to provide it with consistency yet soft to make it more appealing to the palate. All these ingredients give us an extra dose of carbohydrates with which we had perhaps not by eating this food.

Sugars added by a tube

But where the ingredient or ingredients is really worrying for nothing and we want to find when eating turkey or chicken are sugars. Specifically they added as caramel used for color. Even sugar is often added no more to give more flavor nuances and make it more attractive. Please note also flavorings, preservatives and dyes that are commonly used in all industrially processed product.

Healthy alternatives to processed chicken breast

Therefore we can opt for other alternatives that we find in the market or that can manufacture ourselves in our home. In the delis we can find a variety of turkey or roast chicken naturally. That is, the breast has been subjected to heat and is simply cooked with salt and sometimes not even that. This is a good way to bu8scar a more natural alternative. But sometimes preservatives are added.

To avoid any kind of substance we do not want to ingest the best alternative will prepare ourselves at home chicken or turkey that we consume. The way to do this may be to leave clean breast marinate about 24 hours in spices, vinegar, soy sauce, oil … After maceration we can or steaming or roasting in the oven. When you are ready we will keep in the fridge and we will split slowly to consume as sausage when we want.

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