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The 5 fitness myths that you must stop believing

fitness myths

There are many fitness myths that despite the years still remain as absolute truths. I have compiled 5 of the most common myths that are heard among people who exercise regularly.

Do not forget to leave in the comments if you were still a victim of one of them! The idea is to continue learning without stopping to continue improving in this healthy lifestyle.

The fitness myths that you must stop believing

Laces is a sign of training wellfitness myths

This is one of the myths most heard by the gym, and as it says “When you train really well is when the aches appear”, but the truth is that although the aches do not mean that the training has been good, but also that they do not appear to mean that we have performed the exercises badly.

The aches and pains appear when we perform exercises or movements for which our muscle groups were not prepared to endure, the aches occur when performing the exercise itself, but we will notice the symptoms between a few hours and 72 hours. The laces arise because of small micro-tears in the muscle fibers and the discomfort will be until they have been repaired.

When we do the training well, it is normal that micro-tears occur, but it does not have to reach the point of producing laces.

In addition, the fact that the laces appear can also be affected by other factors such as poor rest of the muscle group we have worked, poor diet or not in the right amount, dehydration, among others. Obviously accompanied by a training session, usually do not appear stiff for any more just for being a little dehydrated, but this could serve as a warning!

The longer the training session lasts, the faster the results will comefitness myths

This myth is more present in people looking to get results faster than normal, especially for the summer months when you want to get a year in almost 15 days. It is one of the false fitness myths.

The truth is that the amount of training, both hours and sessions per week will depend on your goal and whatever your body needs time to recover. Excess training can lead to increased risk of injury, fatigue, demotivation and even further away from the target. Keep reading – 3 simple ways to burn more calories in your next workout

Carbohydrates get fat when taken at nightfitness myths

I think this myth has been with us practically since the beginning of the times of the universe and actually has its logic, if you consume many hydrates at night they would be many calories consumed and you will have to save as fat because we go to sleep and not we will spend

But in reality, it is not true, because you can spend those book the next day perfectly, and even while you sleep you still consume calories.

What will make you lose or gain weight is the total calories you end up consuming throughout the day. If you have finished consuming more calories than you need, they will be stored as a fat reserve, whereas if you have consumed fewer calories you will lose fat due to the caloric deficit. It is one of the false fitness myths.

Do cardio to tone the bodyfitness myths

This refers to the belief that to “tone or mark” our body you must perform cardio exercises for hours to achieve it. Nothing is further from reality, to achieve a marked body two processes influence a stage of muscle mass gain and a stage of muscle definition.

But what they have in common is that in both cases we must work with weights, dumbbells, bars, and exercises that imply an impact on our body. So doing only exercises with our own body weight or cardio exercises exclusively will not help us with this goal. It is one of the false fitness myths.

Convert fat into musclefitness myths

Fat is fat and muscle is muscle. The muscle will not turn into fat if you stop exercising, nor will the fat become muscle when you do it.

These two issues of our body are different, have different structures and cannot be transformed into one another. This belief is especially true when we are beginners and we think that little by little we will lose fat as we gain muscle.

But the truth is that it is not possible to eliminate fat while we gain muscle because each process has a contradictory diet and should take turns. For this reason, there are the two stages that I mentioned in the previous myth, the definition and volume stages.

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