make healthy snacks

8 tips to make healthy snacks

Healthy Foods

The snack time is always a small party that can also provide the energy andRead More…

foods richest in vitamin C

Top 10 foods richest in vitamin C

Healthy Foods

Vitamin C is one of the key vitamins as winter approaches. It boosts the immuneRead More…

Junk food effects on health

Junk food: what it is, types and Junk food effects on health

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Junk food is a very unhealthy type of food whose consumption has increased considerably inRead More…

drinking fruit juice

7 good reasons to stop drinking fruit juice

Tips and IDEAS

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Hypopressive Abdominals

Hypopressive Abdominals – What they are, benefits and exercises


Every day more people are betting on the hypopressive abdominals to get a flat stomach.Read More…

high uric acid

This is how your diet should be if you have high uric acid

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The uric acid originates upon degradation of purines. Although this component is always present inRead More…

Causes of low blood pressure

Causes of low blood pressure in young women

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Hypotension is a condition in which the individual’s blood pressure is lower than normal. theRead More…

most addictive foods

What are the most addictive foods in the world and why

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With certain foods, a bite is never enough, once you start eating you cannot stopRead More…

diet to lose weight

Eleven foods with a reputation for fattening but that can be eaten on a diet to lose weight


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water with lemon

Benefits of water with lemon for health

Tips and IDEAS

Benefits of water with lemon. Each morning we follow a specific routine before leaving home;Read More…