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Strengthen the postural muscles with Pilates


What is Pilates?

The Pilates Method is a comprehensive exercise program aimed at strengthening postural muscles, i.e. those muscles that help keep the body balanced and are essential to providing support for the spine.

Such exercises, body weight and performed with small tools, are based on the taking of breath awareness and training of the spine and strengthening of the muscles of the deep plane of the abdomen, very important to help alleviate and prevent pain back.

HealthObjectives of the Pilates Method

  • Be aware of the correct posture of the body.
  • Increase strength throughout the body, especially in the abdominal area, without creating an excess of muscle mass.
  • Improve the fluidity of movement.

The benefits

  • It improves strength and muscle tone without excessively increasing muscle mass.
  • It improves posture and biomechanical functions.
  • It improves the fluidity of the movements.
  • It decreases pain due to muscular tension or stress.
  • It helps to reduce stress, increase a sense of well-being, to give a sense of energy and reduce the daily tensions.

Directions to follow a course of Pilates

  • Pilates is a discipline accessible to all, as it does not require any special physical skills or specific skills, therefore also suitable for the elderly, to people who make a sedentary lifestyle and people who are following rehabilitation therapies.
  • It is indicated in acute and in the management of chronic diseases.
  • There are more courses divided according to level of difficulty.
  • The lessons are structured to fit each user, working individually with the constant assistance of the physiotherapist, or in small groups.

Benefits of Pilates over individual

  • Course duration of 45 minutes.
  • An entire session in which it is supported by the physical therapist who constantly monitors and corrects the execution of the exercise.
  • Choosing an exercise program designed on the needs of the patient.
  • More flexible hours

Benefits of Pilates class in small groups

  • Affordable cost.
  • Small groups, so as to ensure a careful control of each participant by the physiotherapist.
  • Formation of courses of different levels, so as to create a group with people who are at the same level of training.


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