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3 simple ways to burn more calories in your next workout

burn more calories

Burn more calories can be easier than we think. Achieving it depends on factors such as the time of day we train, the speed, the frequency, the intensity and the way we hydrate.

The goal of exercising and undergoing a workout is, to a large extent, to burn calories. We all know that the important thing is not just to stay in shape. Well, if you want to burn more calories, now you can do it with these simple tips. Follow them and you will notice the difference.

3 simple ways to burn more calories in your next workout

Exercise in the morning

burn more calories

Do exercise in the morning is much healthier and effective. Some studies say that people who train in the morning managed to work with greater intensity and for longer periods.

This could be because in the morning we are more alert and energetic, unlike what happens in the afternoon after a long day. In addition, the number of times you run a week will help you increase the number of calories you burn during exercise.

In this way, the best thing will be that your goals mark the frequency in which you must run. But if you want to increase the number of calories burned, you will also have to do the same as often.

Keep in mind that by combining these principles in your training plan, you will achieve better results in terms of weight loss. Also, the faster you cover a distance, the better you will get.

Increase intervals and speed

burn more calories

The more intensity and speed in training, the greater the number of calories you spend. There are notable differences between walking or running. This difference is remarkable, even if intervals are made.

The duration of your training has direct effects on the number of calories you burn. If you want to increase the number of calories, you must gradually increase the mileage traveled.

All this will be reflected in a longer duration of your workouts. Incorporate at least one more weekly session into your training plan than the rest. In this way, you will manage to burn more calories and there will be multiple physiological changes in your body.

Cardiovascular exercise is not everything

burn more calories

Keep in mind that cardiovascular exercise is not everything when it comes to losing weight. You must bear in mind that the greater the muscle mass, the easier it is to burn calories.

Therefore, it is essential to choose a workout that not only includes aerobic exercise but also weightlifting.

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Drink very cold water

burn more calories

Make sure the water you drink is very cold. In addition, it is highly recommended to swallow it quickly and almost frozen. The most advisable thing is to drink 8 glasses of water scattered during the day, which will make you spend up to 25 calories per glass you drink.

When the liquid is cold, your body has to make a greater effort to warm it. And so they burn more calories.

Intensive routines

Also, you can do a daily exercise routine of 15 minutes. To be effective, it is best to be very intense, with which you will lose up to 100 calories.

It is advisable to combine five minutes of different exercises such as climbing on the treadmill, bicycle or elliptical. Do not forget to include five minutes for push-ups with biceps, triceps extensions, lateral and vertical lifts.

Then, continue with five more minutes of training alternating career and a long way on the treadmill. Finally, spend three minutes strengthening the lower muscles with squats and lunges.


Do not be more than two hours sitting

burn more calories

If you tend to do this, you should modify this bad habit as soon as possible. You should consider other options such as walking from time to time or change the chair on your desk.

If you can replace the desk chair with a gym ball. Something as simple as this will help you burn about 50 calories per hour since it makes you exercise all your muscles, regardless of whether they are bigger or smaller.

Do exercises in series

Serial exercises can be another great option. Perform 3 sets of between 10 and 15 repetitions, making a series of each referred exercise and resting between 20 to 30 seconds.

With these recommendations, you will achieve optimal results and in a very short time. Just enter it.

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