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Risk choking in children here is how to prevent the risk


There are many objects or foods that may pose a real danger to the health of our children each year, there are about 300 cases of obstruction by foreign bodies in children under the age of 14 years and, in the range from 0 to 4 years, suffocation is the second leading cause of death.

Therefore it is extremely important that parents, grandparents and all those who are in daily contact with children know enough of the greatest dangers to their safety and are able to intervene in case of airway obstruction.

HealthThe Ministry of Health has devoted an entire dossier to the prevention of the risk of suffocation in the bambin, starting from the first 10 rules to secure child-proof a house:

  • Think like a child! So to make sure even a home where the child does not live normally, as for example when he is with his grandparents.
  • Avoid leaving the tablets for the dishwasher detergents and other hazardous under the kitchen sink, where your child can reach easily.
  • Try to make candies and dried fruits are stored on the upper floors, to which the child can not independently access.
  • The remote controls should always be out of reach of children: these could fall and escape the batteries in them.
  • If buttons, pins, needles and sewing thread are located in low drawers, easy to open, apply the safety springs anti-opening child.
  • Grandparents are used to leave their medicines on the bedside table? Recommended to move them up, where your child can not reach.
  • The coins represent objects very dangerous for children: do so to leave the remains on the tables that can be reached easily.
  • The tool shed should always be well locked: children being readily attracted by screws, bolts, glue, …
  • Beware of unprotected or balconies with bars too wide: the children shove her head anywhere …
  • The grandparents look after grandchildren even bigger? Recommended not to leave around their games, which could have dangerous parts, risk consumption by the smallest of the house. For more click here http://healthiestlife4me.com/


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