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Questions to Ask a Rehab Center

There are several very high quality rehab facilities in Columbus Ohio. However, you should never check into one of these places at random. You need to be very aware of where you are going for treatment. One of the best ways to do this is to ask questions to each rehab center that you are interested in. This will allow you to pull back the curtain and have a much better understanding of who you will be dealing with. You just need to know the right questions to ask in order to get the info that will benefit you the most. Here are a few examples of the questions you should pose to the rehab centers you are considering.

1. How long is your treatment program?

The length of time you will spend in the treatment program will vary depending on which rehab center you choose. You should never assume the length of a specific rehab program. It is important to get this info verified so you will be aware of the amount of time that you will need to take off from work before you officially enroll yourself in the program. It is common for rehab programs to last one month. However, some have been known to last as long as six weeks. The length will have a lot to do with the structure of the program.

2. What amenities will you be offering to patients?

There are a wide variety of amenities that are available at rehab centers. You might have very specific amenities in mind that you want your rehab center to have. You need to understand that having certain amenities like a swimming pool available to you will dramatically increase the price of your stay in rehab. Be aware of what your budget will be.

Then you will be able to make plans without spending more than you want to. There are many different types of drug addiction treatment programs to choose from.

3. Will I be allowed to have my own room?

You might think that every patient will have their own room. You would be wrong. There are many rehab centers that require all of the patients to have a roommate. This might come as a shock to you. However, it is something that you need to be prepared for. This is why you should never leave such a detail to chance. Always call the rehab center to verify their specific policies about how patients will be housed. They might also have this info listed on their website.

4. What will your rehab program consist of?

This is one of the most important questions that you will need to ask a rehab center. This is because it will allow you to find out if the rehab center’s program is very comprehensive. It will also give you the ability to compare the programs that are offered by the various facilities you are interested in. Have the person you talk to give you a detailed list of how the program will go from start to finish.

5. Will you be able to meet all of my dietary needs?

You might have very specific things that you need to eat while you are in rehab. If this is the case, you should give a list of your food requirements to the rehab center to find out if they will be able to accommodate you. You need to remember that you will not be allowed to leave the rehab center during your treatment to buy food. All of your food will be supplied by the facility you are attending. Most rehab centers will be able to find the food you request if you give them enough advanced warning.

6. What are the qualifications of your staff?

You need to get a list of every staff member who will have direct contact with you and the qualifications of each one. This includes their educational background and where they have worked in the rehab industry. You should never simply assume that the people working at a rehab center are qualified to treat you. This might not be the case. It is better to be safe than sorry. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by being careful.

7. Will I be allowed to use my phone?

In some rehab centers, the use of cell phones by patients is strictly prohibited. However, some facilities have more lenient rules. You might need to go without your cell phone for the duration of your treatment.


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