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Pros and cons of group classes with virtual monitor

We are constantly stopping at the issues surrounding the low-cost gyms that are so fashionable in recent times. Most of these centers are focused on getting a high volume of people with minimal training support. Simply put at our disposal teams and we must routines and others. Some of these centers offer us group activities, but led by a virtual monitor. In this it is what we want to stop us in this post.

Always group activities led by monitors have been on the agenda of the gyms traditional. Currently with the revolution of low cost gyms this practice is being lost. Its business model is the volume of users and maximum savings in resources. This affects the group classes that have been relegated to a simple screen TV with a virtual monitor that leads us. Obviously this has its pros and cons we want to analyze.

Pros and cons of group classes with virtual monitorPros training with a virtual monitor

The truth is that if we think carefully, this method of carrying out common classes has few advantages. One of the main ones is the cost savings involved for the center. This to us does not really matter. The only thing that can matter to us is that the screen and the virtual coach does not get tired, so always the intensity of the class will be high, no matter what happens and although there have been 50 previous classes.

Another benefit is that the monitor will never get sick and never miss your appointment. In addition, it will always punctual, so the class will start on time and strictly last what is set in the program. Keep in mind that not occupy space and that is one less person that brings warmth to the room, so it does not contribute to raise the temperature of the room.

Cons training with a virtual monitor

As for the drawbacks, a wide list to be present. In principle the class is impersonal and mechanical. As a general rule, a good coach should adapt to the needs and requirements of their trained to evolve properly. In this case it does not exist. Just like you have to adapt to the intensity of the virtual trainer, which can often be above your means and can lead to overexertion.

This impersonality in classes makes us be ourselves who have to learn the techniques and skills of exercise on our own. This poses a risk when getting a correct technique. If we make mistakes nobody will correct and nobody will encourage further evolve. This is because the routines are usually always similar and just get advance levels that are taking place.

It is true that at first glance a collective class with virtual monitor may seem a thing of the future and very attractive. Indeed it is, but unless you’re a connoisseur of routine and exercise is not advisable. Especially if you’re starting out, it is best to go to classical group classes to acquire a base and proper development.

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