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Proactive Measures to Find the Right Recovery Clinic for Your Needs

Drug addicts and alcoholics who are ordered by the court to seek treatment often have little say in where the court sends them. While the legal system means well, it also robs addicts of the control they need to admit that they have a problem and consciously decide to seek help. Before you are arrested and face sentencing to a treatment facility, you can take the first proactive measure by researching what detox centers and other rehab clinics are available to you in your city and state. An online website like a Drug Treatment Center Finder and other directories can give you all of the details you need to make that first call and prepare yourself for a journey toward recovery.
Searching by State

The company that makes this information available to you also wants to reach as many addicts and alcoholics across the country as possible. Because it knows that addicts and alcoholics are located in each state, the website is set up to give details about treatment centers in every corner of the country.

Proactive Measures to Find the Right Recovery Clinic for Your Needs

Rather than take up a phone book and start calling every center listed in the business section, you can instead shorten your search by clicking on the name of the state of your residence. The page will then display an online form that you can fill out and submit for more in-depth information. The form asks that you provide your name, address, and email address. It also asks that you explain what kind of financial circumstances you are dealing with right now.

Knowing the financial details can be vital for the company to match you with a facility that is best suited to meet your needs. Many patients lack proper health coverage to help them meet the full expense of their treatment. They may need to check themselves into a state or federally subsidized center where most of their costs can be offset by government funds.

However, if you do have insurance, it is important that you check yourself into an in-network facility if you want to pay the least amount possible. Many insurers will pay for a majority of your care as long as the clinic is in-network with the insurance company. If it is out of network, you may need to pay out-of-pocket and request reimbursement later. You also may need to pay upwards of 60 percent of your own bill.

Searching by Substance Abuse Issue

Another way to search involves looking for facilities that are set up to meet your individual addiction challenges. Alcoholics, for example, need different services than people who are recovering from cocaine addiction or prescription drug use.

When you want a more individualized level of care, you may use the website to search for clinics that specialize in treating your particular kind of addiction. This specialty care could help you recover faster and also match you with staff members who are empathetic to the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual battles you will face during your recovery. They will be able to help you overcome each challenge and make sure that you remain healthy and safe. You also will have all of your total wellness needs met during your path to sobriety.

Counseling and Spiritual Guidance

One of the perks that comes with holistic addiction services centers on the fact that you are treated as a whole person rather than a collection of physical conditions or symptoms. While you will be given proper care for all of your physical illnesses, you will also receive care for your psychological traumas as well.

Part of this treatment will involve meeting with a licensed counselor every few days. During your earliest days in treatment, you may meet with a therapist on a daily basis. You also will meet with your fellow patients in group sessions. These sessions foster support and sympathy for each other. It also helps you realize that you are not alone in your bid to become sober again.

The center also may have spiritual leaders on staff who can pray with you and also help you become closer to your higher power. If you are not religious but want to convert to a particular faith, the center could make those arrangements and put you in contact with an appropriate spiritual adviser.

Proper care during recovery helps you realize your sobriety goals more successfully. You can find out what centers are open in your state by researching online.


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