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Pilates: The rules to follow to do well the exercises

Concentration, breathing, the balance here is the advice to keep in mind when you perform the movements of the gentle discipline, at home or at the gym.

Want to try Pilates? There are some general rules to follow before you grapple with the exercises of this useful discipline to lose weight, improve posture, tone your muscles and beat back pain. If you follow them, you will be able to properly perform all companies (at home or at the gym) and will derive the maximum benefits, both physically and mentally, in rather quickly. If you are looking for a program health and Pilates in Melbourne, here in this article we share with you some tips, which will prepare you for the Pilates program.

Concentrated: Concentration is essential to correctly perform exercises. Attention must be maximum and reaching for every single movement. According to the method, each part of the body is of importance and, therefore, nothing must be neglected or ignored.

Check the movements: It is important to have total control of every single movement, but also the posture, the position of the head, joints, limbs, pelvis and, even, of fingers and toes. If you perform the movements without control you could risk an injury.

Search the balance: Pilates in the balance is made possible through an action of the muscles of the abdominal and lumbar region. Central in Pilates is the so-called powerhouse (house of strength), which corresponds to the area between the end of the rib cage and the lower portion of the basin. An area in which the muscles abound with particular care regarding this area of the body: you will have lower energy expenditure during your normal daily activities, and help you prevent annoying lumbar and back pain.

Move with the flow: Develop the strength of the powerhouse has the direct consequence of making the most fluid movements. In Pilates, no move should be made in too rigid and contracted. Even the speed of execution has its importance: too fast or too slow do not help to achieve the desired results. On the contrary, it is necessary that in the movement there is harmony, grace, and fluidity.

Breathe properly: It is one of the fundamental elements. Breathe in and out in the proper manner, in fact, is an integral part of each year and will allow you to easily reach the muscle relaxation, increased range of motion and improved stretchability.

Value your limits: Before starting with the exercises please point to your health. Visit your doctor for a general physical examination and some basic examination as measuring blood pressure or for an assessment on the state of your muscles and your joints. Pilates exercise has no particular contraindications, except in the case of some issues that may be affected by movements such as herniated discs, the osteoarthritis or osteoporosis. The movements are quite simple and suitable for everyone. More each year provides different levels of intensity, from complete beginners up to advanced. Remember never to force too much, and do not claim to have suffered at the height of the most experienced. If the number of repetitions you seem too high, though some positions you get too complex and difficult, it is good for you to take your time to achieve the goal gradually. At the same time, however, try to keep your motivation high. The best results, in fact, are obtained only by constant practice in training.


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