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Physical Therapy for Injured Athletes

Athletes go through a lot of effort and energy to get themselves into tip top shape. They do this because they love the sport that they are playing and because the sport is also their job. The careers of many professional athletes have come to a sudden end as a result of unexpected injuries. Even in cases where the injury does not end their career, many athletes have seen themselves sidelined for one game or an entire season because of injuries.

Of course, sports related injuries do not only happen to professional athletes. There are many weekend warriors who can attest to the fact that playing sports with friends can result in some very serious injuries. When these types of injuries happen to amateurs, it is usually the result of poor training or because they did not take the time needed to warm up before playing the sport.

Physical therapists understand that most sports injuries do not stem from a single factor. Instead, they are the result of multiple factors combined with each other to create the circumstances that allow an injury to occur. Depending on the severity of the injury, a person may require physical rehabilitation. They may find themselves visiting a physical therapy NYC clinic or the equivalent in the area where they live.

Physical Therapy for Injured Athletes

Physical therapy is designed to address pain, show a person how to manage their injury, assist with the healing process, and provide the guidance necessary to prevent a re-occurrence of the injury. Physical therapy includes exercising, stretching, as well as using specialized equipment to address certain problems.

A physical therapist will examine their patient to see if they have muscle weakness or muscle instability that is making them more prone to getting a particular type of injury. Areas of examination include the ankles, the knees, the elbows, and other joints. A lot of emphasis is put on helping a patient develop a strong core as this is the center of their body’s strength.

Each injury should be properly assessed and properly treated in order to keep the athlete safe. Physical therapists will examine the biomechanics of the person they are treating and use this information to create a treatment plan that is particularly suited to the needs of the injured individual. With time, physical therapy can help a person regain their strength, their range of motion, and their flexibility with the goal of allowing them to return to their chosen sport quickly.


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