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Manual lymph drainage a technique, many applications


Manual lymph drainage is a technique that is practiced with a rhythmic dexterity, light pressure, pump movements and changes the pressure of the lymph tissue allowing better circulation with draining and purification of tissue.

Lymphatic drainage follows the dictates of two fundamental schools, Leduc and Vodder.

Lymph is a substance produced by the blood capillaries, consisting of water, minerals, proteins and cell-cell flows into the bloodstream. Its task is to clean up the body of waste, dead cells, viruses and excess fluids.

HealthSo the lymph collects the waste products then carry the whole to the liver, lymph nodes, deputed to the activation of defense mechanisms in case of aggression by pathogens.

Timing and duration of therapy

The minimum duration of treatment is 30 minutes by body. It begins with a rate of 2.3 times a week to thin out gradually the frequency. It is important to continue treatment for at least three months and possibly repeat it throughout the year to stabilize the results.


  • Absorption of edema of the limbs, such as to run a mastectomy
  • Increased immunity
  • Relaxing and regenerating effect on the entire person
  • Better healing
  • Pain-killing effect in case of trauma
  • Draining in case of heavy legs and to reduce the blemishes of edemato-fibrous (cellulite)

Lymphatic drainage pregnant

It should avoid the treatment in the first three months of gestation, above which may be indicated precisely to prevent water retention and stimulate the lymphatic system.

They are recommended sessions “sectoral”, i.e. on portions so as not to subject the future mother to treatments too long.


Lymphatic drainage is recommended in case of heart failure, asthma, phlebitis and thrombosis in place, cardiac edema, skin infections, acute bacterial inflammation and hyperthyroidism.

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