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Junk food: what it is, types and Junk food effects on health

Junk food effects on health

Junk food is a very unhealthy type of food whose consumption has increased considerably in recent years. We share the  Junk food effects on health.

Very few people can resist eating from time to time in a fast food establishment. The food provided by this type of business is tasty and even addictive for some people.

The health problem can appear when this type of food called junk food or junk food becomes habitual within our diet. In this article, we summarize what junk food is, types and what are the effects on health that comes with its consumption.

What is junk food?Junk food effects on health

Junk foods, also called junk food or junk food, are unhealthy foods for the body due to the number of harmful elements that can have negative consequences for health. They receive this name mainly for the number of calories they contain, which, in addition, do not suppose any nutritional contribution.

Often, this type of food is characterized not only by the negative effect on health but also because it is low-priced food and usually also of low quality. Its low price, popularity and easy distributions are the main characteristics and the reason why many multinationals market this type of food.

Junk food tends to be more popular among children and adolescents, a phenomenon that can be explained by advertising and the mass media, globalization and the standardization of certain eating habits in most countries of the world.

What are its effects on health?Junk food effects on health

The recurrent consumption of junk foods can have serious consequences for physical health since it could end up leading to problems of obesity and nutritional deficits. In addition to psychological consequences, such as depressed moods and health problems.

On the other hand, ingesting these foods on a recurring basis can generate an addiction, with all the consequences that this has at a physical, psychological, economic and social level.

The main effects that junk foods can have on health care due to their high content of sugars, empty calories without any nutritional contribution, excess salt, trans fats or vegetable oils, excessive frying processes, additives or preservatives.

The most visible consequences of these nutritional pictures are being overweight or obese, diabetes, heart problems or heart disease, tooth decay, cellulite, premature aging, increased cholesterol and the appearance of certain types of cancer.

The types and Junk food effects on healthJunk food effects on health

The increase in this type of junk food in modern societies poses serious problems of collective health at all levels, physical health but also emotional health and changes in the paradigm of social relationships.

In addition to having serious consequences on people’s health. The industries responsible for producing and marketing junk foods also have a negative impact on the environment. Mainly because fast food establishments tend to produce non-reusable plastic containers and often do not separate the waste they generate.

What types are there? 6 examples

There is a wide variety of different types of food that we can locate within the group of so-called junk foods or junk food. Next, we summarize those foods most representative of this type of food.

1. Fast foodJunk food effects on health

Fast food is the one that is often most easily associated with this type of unhealthy food. Hamburgers, pizzas, sausages, hot dogs are very popular foods, especially among young people. But with very negative effects on the health of those who consume them in excess. It is one of the junk food effects on health is huge.

2. Industrial bakery

This food group is also representative of junk food. In it, we find donuts, foods with excessive amounts of sugar, and in general, sweets processed industrially.

As with fast food, it is best not to abuse industrial bakery to minimize the risk of diabetes or obesity.

3. FriedJunk food effects on health

Fried foods such as fried chicken, potatoes from fast food establishments, some snacks. And in general, any type of food that has gone through that process are not recommended to maintain a healthy. And a balanced diet and can also cause serious health problems.

4. Soft drinksJunk food effects on health

Soft drinks also fall within this consideration. Its high levels of sugar, as well as its high level of chemical components, can be related to some diseases such as obesity, diabetes and some types of cancer. It is one of the junk food effects on health is huge.

5. Pre-cooked foods

Precooked foods contain all the negative ingredients, just like most junk foods. But these usually contain more additives, preservatives, and colors. It is one of the junk food effects on health is huge.

6. FrozenJunk food effects on health

Frozen products are not negative for health because they are frozen perse. But because these types of foods are often ultra-processed foods with a large number of additives and preservatives.


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