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Hypopressive Abdominals – What they are, benefits and exercises

Hypopressive Abdominals

Every day more people are betting on the hypopressive abdominals to get a flat stomach. If you want to know more about this type of exercise that you can do without leaving home, do not miss everything we have to tell you about them in Gran Casa.

What are hypopressive abdominals?Hypopressive Abdominals

This abdominal gymnastics consists of generating a suppression inside our abdominal cavity through a series of techniques. Through different postures and movements, while we relax the diaphragm we get a coastal opening, a myofascial traction, and a visceral suction. The result is a negative pressure inside the pelvic and abdominal cavity, causing a reflex toning of the pelvic musculature and abdominal girdle.

The benefits of hypopressive absHypopressive Abdominals

One of our constant problems is the flaccidity and weakness of the abdominal area. This flaccidity is not only aesthetic but also leads to problems related to the urinary and genital apparatus of women, such as incontinence and prolapse. Even back problems, postures and back pain. Thanks to the a- binary and hypopressive exercises, we can report a multitude of benefits:

Improve the aesthetics of the abdomen and eliminate the volume of the area in a short period of time.

Improve the problems of female urinary incontinence, especially after vaginal deliveries.

They improve sexual life since they enhance the musculature in the pelvic and vaginal area.

They help to recover and tone the area after a pregnancy.

Improves sports performance, since we strengthen the diaphragm and with it the lung capacity.

Improves postural correction and back pain.

How do we do hypopressive gymnastics?Hypopressive Abdominals

For this type of exercise, it does not take much time, but it does require a fairly complex learning. It is necessary a control on the diaphragm for a correct realization, and above all a good technique to get good results. Basically, the hypopressive abdominals consist of an abdominopelvic suction with respiratory apnea progressively but in a complex and controlled manner. Our advice is, especially at the beginning until you master the technique that guides you a personal trainer or you go to classes where they will teach you and correct the technique well. Keep reading- Tips and exercises to relieve back pain

Hypopressive abdominal exercisesHypopressive Abdominals

The main axis of the hypopressive exercises is breathing, because through it, you can activate the muscles that stabilize the entire lumbar and abdominal area of your body.

Before each exercise, it is necessary to inhale and exhale relaxedly three times. The inhalation has to last about 2 seconds, while the exhalation will be 4 seconds. In the last exhalation, all the air we have in the lungs must be expelled and, keeping the apnea, you will be able to open your ribs, which will cause the abdomen to sink. Try to maintain this position for 10 seconds to then inspire and re-expire and repeat each exercise up to three times. You should know that, depending on each person, you can increase the apnea time and the number of repetitions.

Contraindications of the hypopressive abdominals

The contraindications are few but you have to take them into account so as not to take us by surprise.

In pregnant women.

People with hypertension.

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