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How to Make the Perfect Kratom Tea?

Kratom Tea

A higher dosage of Kratom is only to be used if you are suffering from chronic pain. Apart from that there is no reason for you to consume kratom at that level of dosage. Mostly people prefer a little uplifting in the mood, for that it is best that you reside with a medium or low dosage of kratom. Keep in mind that no matter how low the dosage is, it is best that you avoid driving or lifting heavy things while under its effect. This might sound strange to you as people usually consumed kratom leaves to increase their physical strength a bit and to concentrate. The reason for avoiding driving while under its effect is the uplifting in the mood, it might cause an increase in confidence while might lead you to cause accidents. There are many different ways to consumed kratom, if you are looking to enjoy the benefits of kratom, it is best that you make kratom tea.

You need to have kratom powder or kratom leaves in order to make this. Careful measurements of water and temperature are required while making this tea as too much heat can change the effects of kratom. People in the United States usually prefer tea as a mode of consuming kratom. The reason behind is simple; it is hard to chew dry leaves. Drinking fluids like tea usually gives a person a very soothing feeling. The flow of a mildly hot liquid down the throat with a good aroma to it welcomes the good mood of a person. It has been noticed that after consuming the perfect kratom tea, people have shown significant signs of socializing and being friendly. Some even report having an increase in sexual abilities. It is not that hard to make kratom tea, keep in mind that the taste of this tea is rather bitter; you can add honey to it for flavor. There are different versions of making this tea flavored.

Kratom Tea

For starters, you need to measure out exactly 15 grams of kratom powder or the leaves. Now add 500 milligrams of water to the container in which you are going to make the tea. It is best that you boil this mixture for about 15 minutes. You need to boil it until there is only 100 milligram of water left, after that, pour the tea into a glass using a strainer. The powder which gets remained in the strainer is still good enough to make you another batch of tea. This would only happen if the powder is of high quality. Revise the same procedure for the second batch. Adding honey can change the taste of the kratom tea or you could boil it down to decrease the volume even further. This would help you to finish the tea in a gulp.

There are other ways of making the perfect kratom tea. The perfectiveness of the tea depends on one’s taste. For the best recipe, it would be best that you surf the internet.


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