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How to make sourdough at home

How to make sourdough at home

The sourdough is the queen of homemade yeasts. Centenaries exist, handed down from mothers to daughters. In this article many tricks and tips to do it yourself.


The sourdough is a very simple natural yeast to make and which gives enormous results. It is mainly used in place of long-term leavening agents such as those needed for the preparation of pizza and bread. Foods leavened with sourdough are much more digestible, moreover sourdough is an “eternal” yeast at no cost.

The sourdough is “alive” and must be fed through weekly “refreshments” with water and flour.


Most likely you won’t need to start your sourdough as there are official sourdough “pushers” that you can find on pasta made.blogspot.it and who will be happy to give you a piece of their yeast to start your production of expert bakers. If there are no pushers near your home and you want to start from scratch, here’s how to start sourdough.



-200 gr 0 organic flour

-100 ml of water

-1 teaspoon of organic honey


-Mix these ingredients until you get a smooth and homogeneous ball.

-Let rise in a bowl covered with a cloth for 48 hours

HOW TO MAKE THE MOTHER YEAST – PROCEDUREHow to make sourdough at home

Once the 48 hours have passed, take 200 gr of the mixture and mix with:

-200 gr 0 organic flour

-100 ml water

This second procedure is called “refreshment” which means feeding the sourdough with new water and new flour. Once you have made this second dough you can leave it in a glass jar at room temperature for a few hours and then put it in the fridge.

Once the sourdough is made, every 5/7 days, it should be fed according to this proportion: if it weighs 200gr you must add 200 gr of new flour and 100 ml of new water. There are forums and blogs on the subject, there are comparison groups also on Facebook that will also give you the chemical yeast/sourdough conversion table.

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