How to have a smooth and clean skin. If you want a smooth and clean skin, you must set up a daily routine to take care of it, focusing mainly on your face. If you have acne, you should put some actions into practice to prevent the outbreaks from developing, while you should treat them if they have already occurred; moreover, to give the skin the best possible look, you have to work to nourish it and keep it hydrated.

Get an appropriate detergentHow to have a smooth and clean skin

The skin can be dry, oily or mixed. When taking the detergent, you must choose the one suitable for your skin type; read the label to see if it shows the words for dry, oily, mixed skin or for all skin types.  Choose a delicate product, for example, one that indicates “for sensitive skin”, because the excessively aggressive scrubs can damage it.

 Wash your face twice a dayHow to have a smooth and clean skin

Proceed in the morning and in the evening, but it is particularly important the evening wash that removes any dirt accumulated during the day. If you have oily skin, you should wash your face a few times during the day with a specific non-comedogenic product to prevent pores from clogging.  It is the best tips to have a smooth and clean skin

Hydrate your skinHow to have a smooth and clean skin

If it is dry, you must use a moisturizing product; the ideal would be to spread it after washing and before applying make-up. Take one specific for your skin type, checking the package label if it is more suitable for oily, dry or mixed skin. For the day, choose one that also has a sun protection factor.  It is the best tips to have a smooth and clean skin

Do not crush a pimpleHow to have a smooth and clean skin

You will certainly be tempted to do it and someone might even have told you that it would suit you; however, it is better to leave them alone, as you could get scars. In addition, by crushing and pinching them, introduce bacteria into the epidermis of the face, which in turn trigger a major.  It is the best tips to have a smooth and clean skin

Learn about oral medicationsHow to have a smooth and clean skin

In case of severe acne, your doctor may recommend this type of medication to be taken by mouth, so that they act on a systemic level rather than on the skin. If you are a woman, you can take contraceptives for oral estrogen-based use because they help to balance hormones. Even antiandrogens act on hormones, however, they block the hormonal effects on certain glands; this is also a treatment for women. A further option is isotretinoin (Accutane), but it must be used as a last resort; it is effective but can cause serious side effects, such as depression, ulcerative colitis, and birth defects. It is the best tips to have a smooth and clean skin



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