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How to eat a mango

With its tender flesh and its inimitable perfume of the islands, the mango is the exotic fruit par excellence. Now available in most supermarkets and organic stores, it can be enjoyed as a fruity breakfast, an energy snack or a light dessert … but you still have to know how to eat a mango and prepare it! Are you looking for techniques to remove the mango kernel while saving as much flesh as possible? Are you on the lookout for tips to taste mango for any occasion? Then this article is made for you!

How to eat a mango

Prepare the mango in cubesHow to eat a mango

Before enjoying the tropical flavor of the mango, there is an essential step: cut the mango in the rules of the art! In this area, two schools coexist. With the first, the hedgehog technique, you will get small cubes. Take a knife and a mango rinsed with fresh, ripe water. Cut it lengthwise. Take care to follow its core, which is in the narrower part of the mango. Here you are with a beautiful cheek full of orange and shiny flesh! Crisscross the flesh of the fruit by making cuts in the length and then in the width without altering the skin. Turn the cheek by applying pressure on the skin so that the flesh comes out: this is the famous hedgehog! Scrape with the knife, so that the small fruity cubes come off.

Cut the mango into slicesHow to eat a mango

To implement this second technique, start by peeling the mango and then cut its two ends. Then use a knife to cut three mango slices about two centimeters wide. Cut these three slices at the base by moving the knife from bottom to top and getting as close to the core as possible. Repeat the operation until the fruit is completely sliced. This cutting is more difficult and will take you longer, but you will get larger and elongated pieces. Take care not to cut yourself, the mango flesh is very slippery! If necessary, push a utensil at both ends to hold it more firmly. Two small forks for corn on the cob will do just fine! This is how to eat a mango.

Taste the mango as a dessertHow to eat a mango

With its captivating tropical flavor, mango is the star of desserts! Have you adopted the grid technique to obtain cubes? Perfect! These orange dices will bring sunshine and sweetness to an exotic fruit salad. Do you cut your fruit into thin slices? Then try our recipe for mango en papillote with clementine and cinnamon… a delight! If you are fond of light desserts like a feather, the mango mousse will transport you to a small cloud. Do you prefer (very) chocolate desserts? The mango coulis will be your ally to give them a fresh and fruity note. A few strips of dried mango will also have a little effect!

Enjoy a mango juice or smoothieHow to eat a mango

To make your own mango juice, simply mix your chopped fruit in a conventional blender by adding 25 centiliters of water. Do you prefer the voluptuous flavor of a smoothie? Precisely, the soft flesh of the mango lends itself perfectly to the preparation of smoothies. Take a blender and mix your mango with a few ice cubes and 25 centiliters of milk until you get a smooth and creamy texture. For more indulgence, do not hesitate to decorate your mixture with one (or two) scoop of vanilla ice cream… guaranteed success!

Enjoy a mango sorbet

Who says mango thinks sun and voluptuousness of the islands … To accompany your imaginary journey in this paradise of fine sand, nothing like an icy sweetness! Using an ice cream maker or suitable molds, make sweet and refreshing mango sorbets. Do you like more consistent textures? Just add two egg whites, a little milk or vegetable milk to your preparation. For you, exotic freshness and bewitching fragrances! To give your recipe a boost, complete with lime zest or a few dices of pineapple. On the contrary, for more sweetness, mix a few finely mixed verbena leaves. Is your fruit still too firm? Place it in a paper bag, accompanied by an apple. Your mango will magically ripen … or almost! Indeed, the apple gives off ethylene, a substance that accelerates the ripening of fruit. Once fully ripe, you are free to make a mango… and apple sorbet! This is how to eat a mango.


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