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Home remedies to relieve dermatitis

Home remedies to relieve dermatitis. Dermatitis is one of the most common skin diseases that can be treated naturally, in addition to pharmacological treatments. Dermatitis is one of the most common skin problems and effects, to a large extent, during childhood. The causes can be very varied and it is very difficult to determine what produces it concretely. It can appear as a consequence of contamination, stress, excessive hygiene, digestive problems, hormonal problems, or some type of allergy. And one of the main problems we face when dealing with it is that conventional treatments are not effective in a large number of cases. In addition, conventional treatments are not always effective.

There are many types of dermatitis

Dermatitis can manifest itself in different ways, but in all cases, there is an alteration of the skin, accompanied by an annoying itching.  When the outbreaks are visible, it can affect us causing insecurity and sadness. It can be atopic, seborrheic, and also covers eczema and psoriasis. Dermatitis can affect our quality of life and is difficult to cure, which is why it is very important to face both internally and externally.

How to care for the skin in a respectful and natural wayA skin with a tendency to suffer dermatitis is a sensitive skin that needs to be taken care of in a natural way, avoiding as far as possible the use of hygiene and beauty products that are aggressive for it. Look for those that do not contain detergents, parabens or petroleum products. And instead look for products of artisanal or ecological origin. If you make this small change you will see how in a short time your skin begins to improve.
Aloe vera to relieve itching

Having an aloe vera plant at home can be very helpful in the face of an outbreak of dermatitis. Aloe has bactericidal, antiseptic, regenerative, bactericidal and moisturizing properties. You just have to cut a piece of the fresh leaf and apply the aloe gel directly on the clean skin. This plant will help you relieve itching and take care of your skin. Avoid possible infections using a piece of new leaf each time.

Seawater and salt solutions

Seawater contains the same vitamins, mineral salts, amino acids and trace elements that are found in our body, and has antiseptic and antibacterial properties, as well as moisturizing, very beneficial for our skin. If we have the opportunity to bathe in the sea, we must do it and then let our skin dry in the sun. If not, you can get sea water in herbalists and apply it to the affected area with gauze or wipe and let it air dry. As a last option, you can dissolve pure sea salt in water and use it both to give you baths and to treat specific areas of the body.


Oats are a cereal highly recommended for its medicinal properties and nutritional values, both for daily consumption and to apply to the skin.

If you suffer dermatitis in several areas of the body or in an important part of it, you can give yourself a bath with boiled oatmeal flakes and shakes until you get a mixture that you will incorporate into the water. If there are parts without undoing you can use them to massage your skin through the affected areas very gently.

Infusions of nettle and dandelion

Both plants are excellent for treating dermatitis from inside the body without altering the balance of the skin. They are depurative and favor the elimination of toxins that may be harming the health of our dermis. Try taking two or three cups a day, combining them with each other. You can alternate them with other plants such as horsetail and sarsaparilla.

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