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Home Fitness at no cost, depopulated the phenomenon of ‘home fitness. But it is not just an economic issue. Convenience and time constraints of a routine always on the run contribute to the growth of this trend. More and more, in fact, people who instead join a gym, fitting between its four walls to train every day and staying fit or to prepare for outdoor sports with muscle toning exercises and stretching.

FitnessGenerally, those who train at home, prefer to devote to traditional exercises to increase muscle tone, effective relatively quickly and easily achievable with a few tools. The type of equipment needed, easily found in specialty stores (bench, floor mat, rubber bands and dumbbells), and the simplicity of the movements to take these exercises make it accessible to all.

To perform a complete workout that will improve the level of physical fitness, but would also appropriate to combine aerobic exercise resistance, such as walking, cycling, running (alternatively treadmill and exercise bike) and flexibility.

It is also important that the exercises practiced to get the benefits to organic level are set correctly taking into account the age and level of physical fitness, health conditions and any problems present at the organic level so as not to cause resentment of various wide-ligament and skeletal muscle.

To build a proper training session goes a step of heating the initial and final cool-down, to finish with stretching exercises.

Doing toning exercises and muscle strengthening with weights, loads will be increased progressively and gradually, paying particular attention to breathing and the correct execution of the exercise.


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