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Have you bought a pair of dumbbells? 25 exercises you can use them to train your whole body

Dumbbells are one of the most popular sports memorabilia and the first we usually buy when we decided to set up a home gym, if you are one of them and you bought a pair of dumbbells, here are 25 exercises you can use them to train your whole body with them.

Have you bought a pair of dumbbells 25 exercises you can use them to train your whole bodyExercises for the upper body

To strengthen muscles of the arms, shoulders, back, and chest using only a pair of dumbbells, we can put into practice the following exercises:

  • Shoulder Press : This is a great exercise to work specifically the deltoid later, and thus, strengthen and protect the joint shoulders situated therein.
  • Hammer bicep curl type : besides the classic bicep curl, can perform this variant also works the biceps , muscles of the forearm .
  • Bird : is to perform a side elevation of arms, with the trunk leaning forward.This movement allows working muscles shoulders and back , such as the deltoids, rhomboids, trapezius, and round.
  • Shrug : is a very simple exercise in appearance but really effective to apply upper back muscles and shoulders such as the trapezius and rhomboids .
  • Vertical extensions arms : to work specifically the triceps , we can make this movement and its variants, among which is the extension of elbows bent trunk, for which we will need to rely on a chair or bench.
  • Lateral raises his arms : to work the front of the shoulders, namely the anterior and middle deltoid , this is the ideal exercise that can supplement with other movements to apply effort shoulders.
  • Pull – over : with this exercise we should perform on a bench, chair or , failing that , mat, work pectoral and dorsal to achieve a broad and strong torso at the same time.
  • Horizontal Remo : We made the gesture of rowing with a dumbbell in one hand, can work muscles in the arms, shoulders and back at the same time, such as brachial biceps, rhomboids, trapezius, deltoids, teres major and latissimus.
  • French Press : alternative to work in isolation the triceps is this exercise for which we must support your back or body on a bench or mat.
  • Bench Press : although the classical movement uses a bar, we can run this exercise with a dumbbell in each hand and work well, chest , front of the shoulders and lesstriceps .
  • Man maker : to work together muscles of the arms, middle, back and legs , can perform this exercise that trains deltoids, trapezius, triceps, chest, back, quadriceps and hamstrings.

With these movements have different ways to exercise your upper body , using only a pair of dumbbells as equipment and some elements that you find in every house.

Exercises for your middle

If you want to work the central part of your body , one that provides stability and can be very helpful for good posture and to reduce belly, here we leave you some exercises :

  • Russians or Russian twist turns : holding dumbbells in both hands close to the chest, can make this motion requesting the effort rectus abdominis and abdominal oblique above all, but also involved in its implementation the lumbar.
  • Lateral trunk flexion : to work especially oblique abdomen, can run this movement is performed standing with the abdomen contracted.
  • Trunk rotations : This exercise can be done without equipment or with different objects that represent a burden hands. Dumbbell, held between both hands, will make the movement to work rectus abdominis and obliques .
  • Abdominal extensions : Although this movement we usually do it with a wheel or bar, we can also run with two dumbbells, resting his hands on them and rolling them forward to working rectus abdominis, obliques and transverse abdominal and lower back.
  • Elevations trunk floor : is the classic abdominal exercise that will work rectus abdominal and can add dumbbells with hands to his chest to intensify the movement.
  • Woodchopper or woodcutter : just as we would with pulleys, we can make the gesture of a lumberjack to work abdominal, oblique and rectus abdominis transversus with two dumbbells in each hand.
  • Renegade row : it is pushup position will make the gesture rowing muscles to work simultaneously core, back and arms, such as rectus abdominis, lumbar, trapezius and deltoid.

With these moves you can work the middle of your body, within which are abdominal and lower back, using only two dumbbells for execution.

Lower body exercises

  • Elevating pelvic floor : with this simple movement, positioning the dumbbells on the pelvis to increase the intensity of exercise, work glutes and hamstrings positioned on the back of the thigh.
  • Seated Calf Raise : to train in isolation the twins , we will position the dumbbells on your knees and sitting in a chair, we will raise heels off the floor.
  • Deadweight : This is a very comprehensive exercise which can strengthen glutes, hamstrings and lower back at the same time.
  • Lunges : another basic exercise that can make holding a dumbbell in each hand and allow you to work simultaneously glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps .
  • Overhead squat : with a dumbbell in each hand, we can execute this variant squat muscles working middle of the body, and shoulders plus quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and hip flexors .
  • Globet squat : dumbbell with both hands and front of the chest, can execute this variant of squat that while the effort concentrated on quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes , it also works the midsection.
  • Dead weight to one leg : to work hamstrings, glutes and lower back but also request further the middle of the body, we can make this move with a dumbbell in each hand.

And to complete the workout your whole body with lower body work, here are different exercises you can do wherever you are, with just two dumbbells in your hands.

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