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How to generate new habits according to a Stanford psychologist


Do you want to generate new habits and do not know how to start? Stanford psychologist BJ Fogg developed a method to lead to success

Generating a new habit requires patience and perseverance, which is only achieved if you follow a plan. The psychologist and computer scientist BJ Fogg of Stanford University studied human behavior for two decades. And created the Little Habits method, which he develops in a free five-day online program that you can join. More than 28 thousand people have already done so and feel able to change their habits to achieve the goals that are proposed.

Tiny Habits Programhabits

The program was born in 2011 with the purpose of teaching to create habits quickly that substitute others irrational or of little use. For example, when you need to perform a search on the Internet it is likely that you automatically access Google when there are hundreds of search engines designed to meet specific needs of specific topics. The method used is based on several psychological theories aimed at taking advantage of the everyday environment to generate a new healthy or useful habit. Continue reading- 6 ideal breakfasts to boost your metabolism

Fulfilling small goals increases your confidence in yourself to create bigger goals related to your career. Your work or your personal relationships. You will rewrite your identity by associating yourself with someone who is successful and you will eliminate the conscious or subconscious barriers that exist in your life and prevent you from achieving aspirations.

Insert habits in the routinehabits

The brain must prepare to accept the change gradually and incorporate it into the routine, so it is necessary to make small adjustments in the way of doing something. Start designing minimal changes in behavior that fit your routine without effort, to meet them daily until you incorporate them and congratulate yourself for your achievement. Keep reading http://what-it-is.com/attracting-customers-through-all-5-senses/

For example, every time you put the bed, fix the cushions of the chair or roll up the charger of your mobile before putting it in the place you usually use for this. They are tiny habits that slip into your everyday life quickly and impel you to develop goals of greater magnitude. The secret that hides this method is the motivation: the higher level of enthusiasm for the goals you are fulfilling. The better the long-term results will be and at higher levels.

Steps to change habitshabits

Once you have managed to insert small habits into your routine, you are ready to move on to bigger challenges. The first thing you should do is to recognize in which plane you want to generate the new habit. Reduce stress at work, maintain contact with your old friends once a week, study at certain times, and so on.

After identifying them, establish what simple actions you can do to modify your reality. Such as downloading a relaxation application to listen to on the trip to the office. Create a WhatsApp group with your old friends or transfer 15 minutes of study to the new chosen time. Be aware of your achievements and reward yourself each time you get a positive result, regardless of its magnitude. You can also take the free course Tiny Habits to guide you throughout the process.

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