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Eleven foods with a reputation for fattening but that can be eaten on a diet to lose weight

diet to lose weight

At the time of taking care of the diet to get rid of the kilos or more. We always identify certain foods or dishes as allies and others as true enemies of our weight loss plan. However, the reputation of food is not always right. That’s why we show you eleven foods with a reputation for fattening that can be eaten on a diet to lose weight.

These foods can help you lose weight even if they have a bad reputation. But that can be eaten on a diet to lose weight

There are many false myths that surround the world of food. And some unfounded beliefs or based on generalizations can lead us astray when looking for a reduction in body weight.

That’s why we show you that there are allied foods to lose weight that today have a reputation for fattening :

Nutsdiet to lose weight

The walnuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, almonds are foods concentrated in calories and fat. However, their fats are not like those of potato chips.

Nuts include healthy fats that can help us lose weight as well as prevent diseases such as obesity. According to a study published in 2011.

The nuts soothe hunger easily because they are difficult to digest food and keep the occupied stomach. In addition, because they are hard foods that make us chew more, they quickly calm the appetite, as a research published in PlosOne concludes.

Finally, as has been proven with nuts, its consumption can reduce stress, which is one of the factors that we must control if we want to lose weight successfully, or at least not gain weight.

It is important to avoid fried nuts (both in vegetable oils and animal fats) and with added salt because they have poor quality calories. That is to say, we should avoid kikos, snacks of commercial salted nuts and all that dry fruit that is mentioned fried. You can keep this in your diet to lose weight.

In his replacement, we can use a handful of toasted nuts without salt and include them in preparations like healthy cookies to nutritious snacks ideal to calm the hunger, like for example, some bars. It is a diet to lose weight.

Bananadiet to lose weight

Because it is one of the fruits with more calories, the banana is often eliminated from diets to lose weight. Although in reality, has similar nutrients than other fruits but in greater proportion.

Its pronounced sweet taste is due to the fact that it has more sugar, but its sugars are natural and can calm the desires of sweets healthy. Also, we can use a banana to naturally sweeten dishes and eat better while cooking healthy.

It is a food that is not easily digested, so it keeps our stomach busy and, therefore, is one of the most effective foods to relieve hunger, according to a study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

It is essential to choose a whole banana, the piece of fruit as such and not fried banana or banana juices that concentrate more calories and fats.

Thus, contrary to what is thought, the consumption of bananas can help us lose weight and benefit health.

Sweet potato and potatodiet to lose weight

In a similar way to what happens with bananas, sweet potatoes and potatoes are vegetables with more calories and carbohydrates than others. However, both provide nutrients that are not easily digested by the body and keep us without hunger for a long time after consumption.

A lot depends on the way we cook these vegetables. That is to say, to lose weight we need to avoid potatoes. And sweet potato fries rich in calories and fats. As well as mashed potatoes since these are preparations that do not help us to alleviate hunger.

In salads, cooked and chilled, as well as sautéed and baked these vegetables can effectively relieve hunger. Even both potato and sweet potato have been linked to less risk of diseases among which is obesity as American scientists point out.

So, with sweet potatoes and potatoes, we can make chips for appetizers, salads, brochettes or sautéed several that far from hindering weight loss, can help us see results.  It is a diet to lose weight.

Extra virgin olive oildiet to lose weight

The oil extra virgin olive oil is 99.9% fats and provides a lot of calories, but the reality is that fats are not fattening if we choose the suitable alternatives. On the contrary, they can be an aid to lose weight.

Among the different oils, the most recommended is extra virgin olive oil that has an anti-inflammatory effect. The fats in the oil used to replace butter, cream or fats from meats, have been shown to favor weight loss in research published in the British Journal of Nutrition.

However, not all vegetable oils are good, but the hydrogenated vegetable oil typical of pastries, potato chips, and other commercial snacks can make us fat, so we should avoid it in the usual diet

With extra virgin olive oil we recommend making various dressings or using them to replace butter for our breakfast toast, as well as to make biscuits for example or pickles, being always advisable to use it raw, without cooking.  You can keep this diet to lose weight. Keep reading- Benefits of water with lemon for health

Pastadiet to lose weight

We usually make the big mistake of demonizing all the pasta and eliminating them from the diet when losing weight. However, although white pasta should be reduced to the maximum to take care of health, those integral can prevent weight gain and help us lose weight.

The pasta of integral type, of legumes, al dente or combined with several vegetables, are more difficult to digest and for that reason easily calm the hunger. They are also linked to lower body weight in a study published in the journal JAMA.

Also, as they conserve a large part of the grain that gives them their origin, they have more nutrients and, therefore, protect their health, unlike what the consumption of white pasta produces.

Instead of choosing white or refined pasta, it is better to choose whole grains or pasta derived from whole grains to make dishes such as spirals of lentils pasta with tofu, whole wheat pasta with vegetables or macaroni with a spicy sauce of dried tomatoes and chia.

Vegetablesdiet to lose weight

Because they are usually included in potions or other usually caloric preparations, legumes are other ingredients with unjustified bad reputation.

In fact, they have a low amount of calories in relation to volume and ease hunger easily. In addition, according to a study published in 2008, its intake is associated with lower body weight.

Therefore, its consumption can be a good strategy to reduce appetite and eat less, as well as to obtain good nutrients when losing weight.

We can use more legumes to replace rice or white pasta, with both dried and boiled vegetables being appropriate. Some dishes to include them are for example, in various salads, burritos or in simple preparations for the appetizer, among others.

Eggsdiet to lose weight

For their fats and their contribution of cholesterol, eggs were previously prohibited foods in those who sought to lose weight and protect their health.

However, eggs are excellent sources of nutrients: their fats are not as bad as we thought and their proteins help reduce hunger as well as burn more calories. They are difficult to digest foods which represent a real help when losing weight.

The studies support the aforementioned by showing that those who eat eggs lose more weight and abdominal fat than those who do not eat this food.  You can keep this diet to lose weight.

For being a versatile ingredient they are also helpful for healthy cooking when we seek to lose weight. However, it is essential to avoid the fried egg, more concentrated in calories and fat. In his replacement, we can elaborate from a tortilla for breakfast to a salad. Or dishes with very simple and satiating vegetables.

Avocadodiet to lose weight

It is one of the few fruits with fats and therefore offers more calories than other plant foods.

However, it is a source of healthy fats and other good nutrients that in our body calm hunger. And can help us eat less, as indicated by Nutrition Journal research.

Eating avocado can help us lose weight and not fatten as you think: its use in replacement of butter. Cream or commercial sauces can help to eat healthier.

We always recommend its use in a natural way and do not use commercial guacamole. Or industrial dishes with avocado inside, as they can include sugar, bad fats, and many calories.

Breaddiet to lose weight

In a similar way to what happens with pasta, we usually talk about bread. And generalize, making the mistake of eliminating all kinds of bread from our diet to lose weight.

Not all bread is the same, but those made with wholemeal flour, with seeds or with legumes are digested. And absorbed more slowly and keep us without hunger for longer after consumption.

On the other hand, white bread, sliced bread or other industrial options can always have sugar inside. And be less effective in calming the appetite. Therefore, these are the options to avoid when we seek to lose weight.

We recommend choosing whole grain or whole grain bread. That is, that in its list of ingredients mention 100% whole wheat flour. And that they do not include refined flours. These alternatives sate more and far from hindering can help us lose weight.

A study published in 2012 indicates that the consumption of this type of homemade bread. With more good nutrients and that calm, the appetite can prevent weight gain.

Peanut butterdiet to lose weight

Because it is used many times as if it were butter, peanut butter is considered a “fattening” food.

However, if we make it at home or we choose alternatives without added sugars inside. We will be going to a very healthy food that calms hunger easily.  You can keep this diet to lose weight.

It is a source of good fats for the body and its consumption. Like that of peanuts, has been linked to a lower risk of obesity and overweight in a study a couple of years ago.

If we use peanut butter to replace cream or butter. We can achieve very healthy and suitable dishes to include in our weight loss diet.

Seedsdiet to lose weight

Very similar to what happens with nuts. The seeds are concentrated in fats and therefore have a large number of calories per 100 grams.

They are hard foods that provide satiety because they make us chew a lot and do not digest easily. In addition, they provide good quality fats whose consumption can promote weight loss, as scientists in South Africa concluded.

We can consume roasted seeds as a healthy snack between meals or make crackers. And bread or other dishes with them inside.

We will avoid seeds in rolls and industrial bread. As well as the classic commercial snack in which the seeds are fried and salted. It is indistinct if the seeds are fried in vegetable oils. Or in an animal, fat since both are not appropriate at the time of losing weight. You can keep this in your diet to lose weight.

Thus, we see that many foods with a reputation for fattening can actually produce the opposite effect. And be helpful when losing weight.

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