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What to eat to lose weight? 10 foods to lose weight without diet

lose weight without diet

What to eat to lose weight? 10 foods to lose weight without a diet. We have made a list of some foods to lose weight naturally, without the need for diets. And yes, there are fruits and vegetables, but also other foods that will surprise you … Follow these tips, eat the foods that we propose and you will see how you feel … When we diet, food becomes our worst enemy. However, when it is over, we get so binge on everything that was previously forbidden that in the end, we return to take the kilos we had lost.

1. Fruitlose weight without diet

Do you fancy a drink in the afternoon or mid-morning? Choose a good piece of fruit! Even bananas, which in general are not very well seen by dieters. They have an energy level below 1 kcal / g and, therefore, are very suitable for weight loss. Particularly low in calories are berries, peaches, and apples. However, with avocados, you should be careful. It is the only fruit, along with olives, with fats and, therefore, have more calories. It is one of the foods that lose weight without diet.

2. Eggslose weight without diet

The egg is a food rich in vitamin B12 and proteins. Control your metabolism and nourish your muscles. It also helps to burn the fats of your body, especially in the area of the abdomen. Therefore, you should not hesitate to include it in your day today. eye! El fried egg is worth because it is prepared with lots of oil. Try taking egg whites, boiled egg with vegetables or French omelet. It will satisfy you! In this line, we recommend you take a look at those ingredients that have very few calories and that serve as a perfect complement to your day today. Here are 50 foods with less than 50 calories … Continue reading-The 5 best diet foods list to lose weight

3. Vegetableslose weight without diet

If there is a food group to lose weight that you can eat without hesitation during a diet, that is the vegetable. All types of vegetables have very few calories and, in return, are full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Restructure your meals a little and eat vegetables to satisfy yourself. If the vegetables for you were only, along with the potatoes, the garnish of a good piece of meat, from now double the amount and save on meat and potatoes. After eating you will be just as satisfied, but you will have significantly reduced the amount of calories. It is one of the foods that lose weight without diet.

4. Chicken or turkeylose weight without diet

Chicken or turkey is a good option if you like to eat a piece of meat from time to time but you want to take care of the figure. The meat of both birds has little fat if you remove the skin. You have to cook it in a non-stick pan with little oil. Another alternative to making them with little oil is grilled. You can do it at home with a small electric grill! Duck and goose should only be consumed in small quantities and not very often. They contain much more fat than chicken or turkey. That’s why we include the latter in our ideas for healthy dinners. And it’s just as important as what you eat is when you eat it, so take note of these ideas too …

5. Potatoeslose weight without diet

Potatoes, like pasta, have a bad reputation for fattening. But that’s not true. 100 grams only contain 70 calories and, on the other hand, they have many nutrients and they satisfy easily. As many minerals are directly under the skin, prepare the unpeeled potatoes more often. Roasted with cream cheese with aromatic herbs are delicious. They like children as well as adults. And with few calories! It is one of the foods that lose weight without diet.

6. Natural yogurt

lose weight without diet

Natural yogurt is a perfect food to lose weight without dieting. It contains a lot of calcium and proteins but it is low in calories. In addition, you can enjoy it in different ways. Alone, or adding a little honey or jam. The fresh fruit also goes with the yogurt of wonder. And with some herbs and spices, it becomes a rich sauce to dip potatoes or bread. It is one of the foods that lose weight without diet.

7. Lean fishlose weight without diet

Many fish species are optimal for eating when you are dieting because they are low in calories. The only exceptions are fatty marine fish such as:

the herring,
the salmon,
the tuna.

The breaded fish is very rich. The bread sucks practically all the oil in the pan. It is better and has fewer calories if it is fried “naturally” with little fat. Better if you fry it and then put it to au gratin in the oven with aromatic herbs and a little Parmesan cheese. It is one of the foods that lose weight without diet.

8. Tofulose weight without diet

Do not you want any meat? Try a plate with tofu! This Asian specialty with soy is low in fat and calories. It is also very versatile in meals. As best you know it is marinated in soy sauce, with curry, spicy paprika, and roasted. Add Asian vegetables with rice and you will have a delicious low-fat dish. To put in salads look for tofu with almonds or basil.  It is one of the foods that lose weight without diet.

9. Saladslose weight without diet

“If you want to lose weight, eat a salad before meals.” It is a very typical advice of diets. But, besides, it’s true! The lettuce itself contains very few calories, no fat. It also fills your stomach if you take it as an entree. Pay attention to the dressing. The sauces high in fat turn any salad into a calorie bomb. The dressings are much better with a base of yogurt or just with a little oil and vinegar. If you choose the famous Caesar sauce or salads with cheese, try to eat as little as possible of those ingredients! The best option, without a doubt, is the mixed salad, from the garden or arugula.

10. Asparagus

If you want to lose weight, a food to lose weight is the asparagus. This product is a good natural diuretic that has great properties: It is also a food of calories “negative”. In fact, to digest it, they burn more than it contributes to the organism. Therefore, asparagus is a good option to lose weight. It is advisable to take them at dinner.

Extra trick: the blessed water

Drink, drink, and drink a little more, but what is the best option? Ideally, not only during a diet, is that you drink calorie-free drinks such as water or tea without sugar. Try to drink at least two liters of water a day. By the way, the old trick of drinking a glass of water before eating to fill the stomach … it really works! So you know, it is possible to lose weight without dieting, the key is to take a little more care of your diet and make it as balanced as possible. If you want to start putting this type of food into practice, do not miss the video that you can see below. In it, the youtube Alziur gives you several healthy snack ideas.

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