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Dynamic meditation


Since I discovered meditation through a Yoga teacher three years ago I Have Been Integrating into my life and my work using learning for personal development, health improvement (in the dream, energy, stress relief, etc.) knowledge of the “inner”.

MeditationI wanted to convey my learning today a type of meditation That is not only to relax the mind, or stop without further thought (Something That many people refuse to see it “nonsense”, while Being a very revealing act), but in the called dynamic meditation, Which Consists of 6 steps listed by Professor V. Lakhiani, you can test if you are curious to cultivate your spiritual side.

The steps are:

1. Connection, by virtue of being human Beings, we need to feel That we are connected with others. First as you are seated, you experience the connection with Yourself And Then With your loved ones, and mentally expand circle acquaintances, neighbors strangers. … to Connect with the rest of the planet.

2. Gratitude, express your gratitude for the Known people, recently lived and That Has Helped you in your project, relationships, family ..and the little things That make you enjoy your life every day (start with your home, morning coffee .. )

3. Release of negative charges : It would be nice drop keep negative feelings towards someone / conflicts. The release is Achieved through forgiveness. Started by visualize it, you feel forgive and live life to Understand His Teachings. You can always forgive or be contemplating the notion to approach the right time and observe yourself Being much more than your problems.

4. Creative Visualization : Displays any desire You have outstanding and how it will be: a trip, a party, a meeting, etc. Go outlining in detail in your mind Who Will Be Where and How You Want It That experience.

5. Declaration of intent for the day : What would you like to do today ? What would you like start / finish today ?. What do you want to happen to you today You Might Think That will be very productive at work, you ‘ ll get to pick your children for a walk .. Etc. September an intention for what you want.

6. Blessing : Ask to be blessed, for life, for the love of the people, etc… esta curb energy in a deep breath Feel that feeling in your body and the energy that you ‘impregnate and expand it to others.

Try it, do not take more than 10 minutes to do so and feel your creative power during the day.


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