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Digest Emotions: Stress the stomach produces a hormone that stimulates hunger and reduces anxiety and depression


Abdomen and psyche are closely linked so that what happens in one affects the other and vice versa.

Stress in fact plays a fundamental role in our digestive system and is now a proven fact that disorders such as stomach pain, heaviness, swelling, irritable bowel syndrome affecting mostly people who can not vent and deal with special conditions of stress.

HealthUnder stress many people change their eating behavior and it is known that under stress they tend to gain weight because most of the people will increase the consumption of foods high in fat and palatable for cheering up or calm down even if the effect lasts little.

A research done by a gastroenterologist Belgian shows that the same effect is obtained by placing the food directly in the digestive tract with a feeding tube demonstrating for the first time that food can alleviate the brain responses to negative emotions in a completely unconscious.

Everything we eat influences and acts on the brain through the nervous axis brain / gut !! For example there are depression resulting in a diet low in folic acid and tryptophan, nutrients that contribute to the formation of serotonin, a molecule of humor.

Intestinal bacteria also appear to play a key role on our mental health, c’ is a close relationship between gastroenterology and Psychiatric conditions and it also showed how much research done in a’ University of Canada where it has been shown that even bacteria could affect personality indeed mice fed lactobacillus were lost less d ‘mind in executing difficult trials; the explanation lies in the fact that affect the digestive bacteria in the production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin both gut and brain.

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