A controversial exercise where there is usually the squat. We have addressed this issue on countless occasions and have always seen around this exercise may be many versions and ways to carry them out. This time we want to focus on the importance of changing the placement of the legs to get to work a muscle group or another through the same exercise.

The squat is a type of exercise that activates the whole body, and involved the entire lower body and much of the upper. But despite being so completely, we can achieve greater impact in one part or another of the body with a simple variations in the placement of the feet while we’re doing the exercise. Specifically in the opening thereof with respect to our body.

Different positions of the feet in squats to work betterPlacing feet together

First we will focus on the placement of the feet together and the toes facing forward. In this position the squat will take place as usual, taking care bring back and concentrating all the thrust in the legs. In this case the muscles that will work will be more quadriceps and buttocks. It’s a good way to isolate both sides of the legs in order to increase the tension in them.

Feet shoulder-width

As a second position we will stop at the placement of the legs a little more open .Specifically in this case heels are placed roughly parallel with your shoulders. The toes will place the slightly inclined outward. In this position the squat will run as usual, except that in this case the impact will be on quadriceps, in the buttocks and in this case also work the hamstrings.

Legs wide open

As a third alternative the separation will be even greater. In this case we will support the heels slightly surpassing the width of our shoulders. The toes are slightly inclined outward. In this position the squat tend to affect most parts of the legs, such as the vastus lateralis, hamstrings, abdominal and lumbosacral muscles. In this position trunk flexion it is less like the knees, since the position is less free than in previous positions.

Best of all is to toggle the three ways to place the legs when doing squats in order to get a better and more complete work of the entire leg and muscles that compose it. For this we recommend is varied in the same session and perform, for example, three sets of each of the positions. With this method almost completely we will train all the muscles that make the legs.

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