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Detox diets: what types are there and what is their effectiveness?

Detox diets

It is said that juices and Detox diets are useful to lose weight and improve health. Is this true?

The detoxification of the organism by natural products has been practiced since ancient times, especially as a spiritual exercise. On the other hand, medicine based on scientific evidence includes within its procedures some that are based on cleaning the body of toxins and harmful substances.

However, detoxification has become fashionable in recent years because of detox diets, which aim to purify the body – and, for many people, the spirit. Do you know what detox diet is and what other types of detoxification are there? We explain it to you below.

What is a detox diet?Detox diets

Generally defined, detoxification consists of the elimination of toxic substances that are found in the body. It can be carried out through physiological processes, thanks to organs such as the liver or the kidneys, or medicinal, as well as through procedures based on science or in the framework of alternative therapies.

In summary, we can say that detoxification is nothing more than purification of the body. A practice that has been carried out since ancient times. The medicine of many cultures includes the detoxification by means of very diverse procedures, from the natural juices to the dialysis.

In fact, until recently the word “detoxification” was used mainly for traditional medical procedures. That are used to eliminate substances such as alcohol, drugs, and poisons from the body.

During the last decades, “detox diets” have become popular, to which medicinal properties of a spiritual, psychological and physical nature are attributed. Consist of the exclusive consumption of meals, juices and/or vegetable smoothies. As well as water, for a period of time that can be as short as two days.

As for the benefits of detox diets for the body, it is often claimed that they eliminate accumulated toxins, help to lose weight, improve nutrient absorption and reactivate the body. Later we will talk about whether this is true or not.

Detox diets types

In the following list, you can find the 4 most popular types of detox diet (and detoxification in general)  depending on their purpose and format, as well as some dietary recommendations.

1. Liver cleaningDetox diets

Through the liver, we eliminate the waste products of our blood. Although many detox products are marketed that supposedly clean it. The truth is that some of them are even harmful to this body.

However, a diet rich in green leafy vegetables and other unprocessed foods with little salt can be beneficial for the liver – although not as much as avoiding tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.

2. Colon cleansingDetox diets

Consume reasonable amounts of water and foods with a lot of soluble fiber, such as fruits, whole grains, legumes, and vegetables, is beneficial for intestinal transit and reduce the symptoms of constipation.

There is also a detoxification procedure called “colon hydrotherapy”, consisting of pumping water into the colon through a tube that is inserted into the rectum to soften the accumulated fecal matter. This practice can be harmful since there is a risk that it causes abdominal pain. And swelling, dehydration and even perforation of the colon.

3. Detox juicesDetox diets

The diet with juices detox is based on consuming only fruit juices and other vegetables during a certain period. Among the most popular detox juices are carrot, apple and celery, cranberries and red fruits or pineapple, cucumber, and celery.

4. Smoothies and detox smoothiesDetox diets

In its original form smoothies are fruit smoothies mixed with water or milk? Cleaning in 10 days with green smoothies is one of the most famous detox diets, a real phenomenon in social networks. As with juices and other types of detoxification. Maintaining the diet of green smoothies for so many days can be detrimental to the body.

The efficiency of detox dietsDetox diets

The studies that have analyzed the effectiveness of detox diets have obtained unpromising results. First, the hypothesis that the body accumulates toxins does not seem to hold if the person maintains healthy habits. And does not suffer from liver disease, kidneys or other organs relevant to natural detoxification.

Regarding the use of these diets to reduce weight, it has been found that although the food restriction can cause a short-term weight loss, as soon as the habitual diet is resumed, the previous weight is recovered. The healthy way to lose weight is to exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet.

In addition, the weight reduction associated with purging diets is due to some of them causing diarrhea; This symptom, together with the insufficient consumption of carbohydrates. Causes fluid to be lost, that is, causes some degree of dehydration. Depending on the characteristics of the diet, protein, vitamin or mineral deficits may occur.

However, many people say that a short detox diet can be a good way to transition to a new lifestyle healthier, particularly one in which many vegetables are consumed and the “toxification” of the body is avoided. Also, the possible spiritual benefits of this type of detoxification can depend on each person.


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