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Is it dangerous to eat eggs every day

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Eggs, especially those of chicken that are the most consumed, are a rich food with a large number of nutrients. And an important source of protein and vitamins A, D, and B12. And all this in a generally very cheap food. All this coupled with the boom in recent years of hyper protein diets has made their consumption has skyrocketed. Which leads us to ask if it is really good to eat eggs every day. If their consumption in excess could be even dangerous for the Health.

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As we suppose you already know, eggs contain a lot of fat, an aspect that is usually directly related to blood cholesterol levels. Another fact to question whether daily egg consumption is recommended.

According to doctors, people who do not have any serious health problems can eat up to seven eggs a week without fear. This means a daily egg a day. In fact, a study carried out in 1999 by Harvard University. Whose data was collected a few years ago by the BBC, analyzed 115,000 consumers for a decade? Concluding that eating one egg a day would not affect the increase in blood cholesterol. Continue Reading- 5 slimming strategies that work with real people

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Eye, as all the data have their nuances since you can eat an egg a day but it depends on the way it is cooked. That is, what is really important is the way in which the egg is consumed. Read more http://gamesplanet.org/7-foods-and-1-drink-to-slim-and-purify-the-body/

And it is not the same to eat an egg in a tortilla that fried; In fact, the healthiest way to eat eggs is poached or poached, which is confirmed by the vast majority of nutrition specialists. To poach an egg you have to cook it without a shell, and immerse it in very hot water but not boiling for no more than four minutes.

Among all the ways of eating eggs, the least recommended is to eat it fried or in an omelet, since, in addition to the fats of the egg, oil fats are added – something that can be compensated if a good olive oil is used. Despite all these cases, it is advisable to take as little fat as possible.

What happens to those who already have high cholesterol? Is it dangerous for them to eat eggs every day? According to dietitian Margaret Brown:  “For those who already have high blood cholesterol levels, it is best to limit egg consumption between two to three per week. 

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