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Changing the grip, a simple gesture to avoid stagnation

The stagnation is one of the main challenges that we must face every day when coaching. As we have seen on countless occasions, it is highly recommended varying routines and exercises for the muscles constantly surprise so get a better workout thereof. That is why this time we will stop at a point to keep in mind that is very important when it comes to evolve, it is as simple as the grip.

On countless occasions we have discussed the different grips that we have at our disposal at the time to train one or another part of the body. For many this is irrelevant and in most cases will not pay attention to grip. This really should not, because the grip plays an important role, as is involved in the way in which the muscles go to work, and is an important and interesting variation to continue evolving.

Changing the grip, a simple gesture to avoid stagnationGrip and its importance in the development of the exercises

Mainly grip is the way we have to lift a load directly by the action of hand. The hand placement, therefore, will determine the development of any activity. For example, place them straight and parallel when performing bicep curls will help us to work your biceps in its central part, but if we bow grip to the right, we will be working the inside of the biceps. The opposite happens if we bow grip to the left, then incidences more on the outside of the biceps.

Just this example serves as an illustration to keep in mind the importance of grip and its impact on one part or another of the muscles worked. Therefore try to open grips, grips closed, zigzag … In the end the mechanics of the exercise will be the same, but the grip and thereby vary the angle at which we will work the muscles. Although not feel it, the grip angle plays an important role in the muscles that will intervene in a given year and the work that we will do with them.

Vary the grip, the best way to surprise the muscle

By varying the grip what we will get will affect other parts of the muscles. This does not mean that work the muscles differently, but at the end of the exercise is the same, that is, work the same muscle group, only differently. As we mentioned above the grip determine the working angle and thus get surprise the muscle and prevent fits into a routine.

This change routine so simple is what will help us to avoid stagnation without making substantial changes in the exercises that are going to carry out. Change the grip and the angle and perspective of work is a simple gesture that will allow us to continue to evolve and gain strength to go a step further and make it more difficult workouts. Sometimes you have to make an intermediate step before performing more complicated exercises, and this may be the step that will help us continue to evolve.

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