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Can You Put Your Addictions to Rest? Five Healthier Ways to Deal with Stress from Work and Everyday Life

Everyone is addicted to something—from video games and soda pop, to candy bars and the adrenaline boost of an extreme sport. These are all addictions, but there are more severe addictions that this article covers, like substance abuse of recreational or prescription drugs and alcohol.

Serious addiction is often a problem because people need ways to cope with the everyday stressors of their work and life. However, there are healthier alternatives, like a holistic approach to substance abuse treatment. You don’t have to smoke pot or drain a 12-pack of beer every night in order to cope with the things that stress you out during the day. Instead, take this article to heart as it covers five healthier ways to deal with stress of work and everyday life.

Daily Meditation Can Work Wonders

Meditation is an opportunity to center yourself and rediscover your focus. You can sharpen your mind and re-find your strengths. How? When you wake up in the mornings, commit to sitting in bed for an extra 15 minutes. Let the silence sink in around you, cozy into your pillows, and tense your muscles. Then relax all at once. Feel your breath leave your body in a whoosh of soothing that takes your stress with it. When you feel good about your day, get up.

The same meditation can be done at night when you crawl into bed to sleep. But this time you should have additionally unwound with a hot shower and a slather of lotion to make yourself feel comfortable and zen.

Hobbies are Often Underrated—Find One, or Lots, That You Love

Do you love to color? Do you love to create, read, or simply sit and watch a few hours of television? All of these things are hobbies, and you can do one, or several, that you love. Hobbies are beneficial to your mind and body because they relieve stress without adding stress with impending deadlines or the need to accomplish something.

Tip: Experiment with lots of different hobbies to find your favorite. For instance, if you love the outdoors, perhaps you could find a strength in climbing rockfaces, hiking through canyons, or camping under the stars.

Find an Exercise That Improves Your Strength and Boosts Your Confidence [with Music, Of Course]

Strength-training is revered as a blessing of an exercise because you can feel your body getting stronger, which feels like an accomplishment in and of itself. It’s simple—you lift, you clear your mind, you build the body you want, and you set goals towards fitness. All of this boosts your confidence and ensures your feel-good vibes flow.

Note: You can double the effects of a good workout with good music. You know, the kind that makes you want to tap your feet, pump your muscles, and dance around the room.

Never Devalue the Importance of Good, Healthy Nutrition

One of the benefits of holistic addiction treatment is feeling good about yourself, and one of the ways that you can feel good about yourself is through good nutrition and a healthy diet. Never underestimate the way good food can make you feel.

What would be a stellar, well-balanced meal? Something with loads of protein, green veggies, and heart-healthy fats—but skimp on the junky carbs. For example, a four-ounce, well-seasoned chicken breast, a side salad of your favorite veggies and full-fat dressings, and a small dinner roll can satisfy your hunger and make you feel amazing for hours.

Note: It’s okay to have an indulgence of something sweet every once in a while. But be aware that sugar has been linked to negative feelings in the past. Ergo, you should try to avoid consuming too much sugar, like chocolates and white breads, as much as possible. These are treats and should be eaten as such.

Make Your Home a Safe, Comfortable Space

Your home is your sanctuary; the place you can go to escape your stresses and snuggle down for an evening of relaxation and love. Hence, you should make your home a comfortable, safe space; somewhere you look forward to being at the end of the day.

Tip: Color and décor can affect your mood in a profound, positive way, so choose wall tones and designs that make you happy or relaxed. For example, if you love the ocean for it’s soothing nature, perhaps paint the walls of your bedroom a beautiful blue to represent calm water and the presence of zen-like waves.


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