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Benefits of water with lemon for health

water with lemon

Benefits of water with lemon. Each morning we follow a specific routine before leaving home; make the bed, eat breakfast, take out the trash; but it is also important that within these tasks, we include something that is beneficial for our body and our health. It is well known that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but sometimes for lack of time, we omit this little detail.

I propose that from now on, give yourself a little more time to leave the house with all the necessary nutrients;  And I’m going to tell you 10 benefits of water with lemon that will make you feel better from today.

The benefits of water with lemon

1. Help digestion:water with lemon

It is an excellent assistant in the work of digestion because lemon juice has properties that help the liver to produce bile, which is one of the main engines in this operation.

2. Help to lose weight:water with lemon

The lemon has a significant amount of dietary fiber that favors the gastric emptying, making you feel satisfied and satisfied and avoid the intake of unnecessary food.

3. Help in the healing of wounds:water with lemon

Do not worry, the lemon stings when it falls on a wound, but is combined with warm water, the sensation will be more of relief. Among all the properties of lemon is its high content of vitamin C, which helps generate collagen which, in turn, renews and recovers tissues. Continue reading- The 5 best diet foods list to lose weight

4. Balance PH levels:water with lemon

The lemon is a food that alkalizes the body since it has citric acid and ascorbic acid, which allow alkalizing the blood.

5. It gives you energy and improves your mood:water with lemon

The aroma of lemon has relaxing and energizing properties which will make you feel better and your mind is more clear. Likewise, this fruit can help reduce the anxiety and get you to a state of peace.

6. Strengthens the immune system:water with lemon

The lemon water contains citric, malic, acetic acid that helps to fight bacteria and pathogens invading the body.

7. Helps to eliminate spots on the skin:water with lemon

There are many masks that may be ancillary to remove those little spots that sometimes occur with the sun or the use of certain creams, including for stains cloth that develop during pregnancy.

8. Auxiliar in colds:

The fact that this fruit contains vitamin C helps clear your throat and favors your immune system.

9. It’s refreshing:

In the morning many times, we get up with a dry and irritated throat of snoring or maybe because we are congested. The lemon water will help you feel refreshed and ready to start the day.

10. Does not contain caffeine:water with lemon

Another of the great benefits of lemon water is that it helps to activate virtually your entire body without the need for you to include caffeine, which is not always good for some people.

I invite you for two weeks take every morning on an empty stomach a glass of warm water with the juice of ½ lemon and tell me what changes you noticed. You dare? Have you done it before? Tell me your experience.

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