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Beautiful skin for all types

Beautiful skin for all types

Beautiful skin for all types. Feel comfortable with your skin thanks to the right care. Cheap face creams are a good alternative if you do not have skin problems. Otherwise, Basel Oliver dermatologist Ph. Kreyden recommends a good night and day cream enriched with vitamin C, E and A, and a sunscreen. Many people have facial skin problems. It is necessary to know that the type of skin is a matter of genes. And wrong skin care can cause skin problems, explains dermatologist Oliver Ph. Kreyden. Nutrition, exercise, consumption of alcohol, smoking, and other environmental factors affect the skin. Therefore: devoting care to your skin means staying young and beautiful for longer.

The aging of the skin is caused by the so-called intrinsic factors, that is genetics, and extrinsic, like environmental influences, the lifestyle, the ultraviolet radiations. In men, for reasons related to sex, aging of the skin is less visible because of the tissues of their skin, certainly thicker, remain elastic longer than women. “At 20, the subcutaneous tissues of the woman are still well nourished and the skin shines like a silk pillow. As the years go by, the pillow loses its padding, the skin relaxes, “says Kreyden.

Daily careBeautiful skin for all types

As ideal daily care, the dermatologist recommends a day cream containing high doses of vitamin C and E, as well as a good sunscreen, always suitable for the skin. The night cream must contain high doses of vitamin A (retinaldehyde, retinol). “This is sufficient as daily skin care”. The fruit peels of the fruit help daily care. Other chemical peels for dermatological use, such as trichloroacetic acid (TCA) or phenol, cannot be avoided if deep skin regeneration is desired. Oliver Ph. Kreyden: “Thanks to the peeling it is possible to smooth the collagen fibers”. It is one of the best tips for Beautiful skin.

Three types of skinBeautiful skin for all types

Kreyden differentiates between three types of skin: normal skin, which needs little or no cure, skin tending to dryness and eczema and oily skin, which is also at risk for eczema. “The so-called mixed skin, as we sometimes hear in cosmetic advertising, does not exist,” says the dermatologist. “The basic structure of the skin does not change in the course of life. In general: skincare is regulated by type ». It is one of the best tips for Beautiful skin.

Normal skinBeautiful skin for all types

This is the type of skinless in need of care and less problematic. For the rest, even for normal skin, use a day cream with vitamin C and E and night cream with vitamin A. These components are essential for skin care, as well as gentle cleansing in the morning and evening. If you are not sure of your skin type, ask your dermatologist or beautician. It is one of the best tips for Beautiful skin.

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Dry skinBeautiful skin for all types

In general, it is always advisable to choose suitable beauty products for the skin. This also applies to dry skin, which needs more intense and extensive care, especially when the heat and home heating reduce its hydration. «The masks,» says Kreyden «provide additional nutrition to the skin». The dermatologist considers it absolutely useless to exaggerate in skin care. “Excessive care does not do anything, on the contrary, it damages the skin”. If the skin is prone to eczema it is necessary to contact the dermatologist. It is one of the best tips for Beautiful skin.

Oily skinBeautiful skin for all types

In the case of oily skin, Oliver Ph. Kreyden recommends giving up rich nourishing creams. “If not, over time there will be major skin problems and it will be necessary to contact the dermatologist”. In general, oily skin should not be excessively enriched with moisturizing substances. Because it often tends to impurities, peelings help to remove dead skin cells. It is one of the best tips for Beautiful skin.

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