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Apple diet: how to lose weight in a week

Apple diet

The apple diet is a type of diet to lose weight quickly and without incorporating supplements or shakes. In just 5 days we can lose between 4 and 6 kilos approximately.

Thanks to the apple diet we detoxify our body and it will make us feel lighter, making us visibly reduce areas of our body where we accumulate more fat.

This type of diet is designed to lose weight in a week about 5 kilos, so it is a shock regime for a short period of time. In the following sections, we will analyze this diet, explain what it is and we will present a weekly menu so that you can carry it out.

What is the apple diet?

The objective of this diet is to lose weight in a week, maintaining a purifying and balanced diet in nutrients and vitamins. It is not just about eating apples for 5 days, but every day all kinds of food are incorporated in a progressive way.

In this way, we not only lose weight but also maintain our weight once we are finished with our apple diet. In addition, to incorporate different foods into this fruit is also necessary so that we do not have any lack of vitamins, minerals, and energy that our body needs for its proper functioning.

Can we diet with any type of apple?Apple diet

It often happens that when we want to start doing this type of fasting, we have a doubt if we can do it with any type and variety of apples. We must bear in mind that when choosing apples, we must select those that are as fresh as possible and of high quality and, if possible, that come from organic farming.

This aspect is important because fresh and quality apples will provide us with more nutrients and vitamins than those that are not. In addition, they also retain their properties better and we can benefit from them more easily.

We must bear in mind that the purifying properties of apples will make our diet effective. So choosing organic and fresh apples will make our fast more effective and we can get better results and faster.

Aspects to consider before starting the diet

Before starting with the apple diet, there are a number of important aspects that we must take into account to be able to perform it safely and correctly, as well as tips to not recover the weight we have lost with it.

First of all, we have to consult with a specialist to know if there is any contraindication in our case. If we suffer from diabetes or any other disease, it is advised to talk to a nutritionist first.

It is also important to drink 2 liters of water a day, and it is crucial that we avoid soft drinks, even if they are dietary.

During the 5 days that we are doing the apple diet, we should not practice any kind of sport. If we do, we must incorporate an additional caloric contribution to fasting. What we can do and it is recommended is to walk in a calm way.
Another important aspect is that we must rest for at least 8 hours a day. Maintaining good sleep health will make us rest better and eat better.

To maintain weight once done, it is important not to eat fat or pork. Thus, it is recommended to continue with a balanced diet so as not to recover the weight we have lost in a week. We must modify the eating habits we had before starting the diet.

5-day apple diet

Next, we show you the menu and what we should eat to make the apple diet. It is important that we do not exceed five days since we will be able to lose weight in a week quickly and healthily.

1. First dayApple diet

On the first day, we will only eat apples. We will make three meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner but in all, we will eat only this fruit. In order not to get bored, we can cook them, putting them in the microwave, cooking or roasting them, and thus taking them differently. You can eat as many as you want.

To make it more bearable, it is important that we think that we are purifying our body and detoxifying our organism. We must remember that we have to drink a lot of water.

2. Second dayApple diet

On the second day, both breakfast and dinner we must eat apples. We can combine them from different classes so that we do not find it boring and we can eat as many as we want.

To eat at noon we can make a green salad, adding other raw vegetables or vegetables. We must bear in mind that we can only dress it with lemon and salt, no olive oil or vinegar.

3. Third day

The third day our breakfast will consist of an apple accompanied by a slice of bread, preferably wholemeal, with a slice of turkey ham.

The meal will consist of a green salad with celery and carrots. We must remember that the dressing can only be lemon and salt, no oil or vinegar. Finally, dinner will consist of only apples. We can eat as many as we want and of different kinds. But only apples.

4. Fourth day

On the fourth day, we will have breakfast the same as the previous day, an apple accompanied by a slice of whole wheat bread with a slice of turkey ham.

To eat, we will prepare steamed vegetables, but taking into account that we can not incorporate any tuber, such as potatoes and sweet potatoes. We can accompany it with natural tuna.

For dinner, we will eat a bowl of skim milk and rice cereals.

5. Fifth day

On our last day of the apple diet to lose weight in a week, we will have an apple with a slice of whole wheat bread and a cooked egg. It can be with salt.

Our meal will be a serving of roast beef and we can accompany it with a salad of raw vegetables.

For dinner, we will eat only apples. As always, all you want and the type you want.


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