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All about plankton properties, benefits and use in the kitchen

Currently we are witnessing a new era as far as food is concerned. Appear constantly studies show that certain foods are very beneficial for the proper functioning of the body. One of these foods has appeared on stage more strongly in recent times is the phytoplankton. Its origin is marine and has been called the “mother’s milk of mother earth” by the amount of properties that have and that gives us nutrients. Therefore, we do a review of its principles and its uses and benefits when cooking.

Phytoplankton is a variant of marine plankton adapted to human nutrition, and specifically referred to as Alpha3 CMPES. This is a selection of microorganism’s constituent marine plankton and would be suitable for human consumption. Specifically this type of food is made up of some 200 species of microscopic creatures found in marine plankton that serves as food for fish.

All about plankton properties, benefits and use in the kitchenPhytoplankton Properties

One of the features that we should highlight of this food is that the cells that make phytoplankton are coated silica, cellulose and not as most vegetables. This fact is what makes the nutrients are being absorbed much better and faster by the body. Thereby avoiding increased power consumption. The collection of nutrients this food is greater than any other is.

We must add to this that the phytoplankton contains almost all the nutrients we need for the proper functioning of the body. Its mineral content is high and large, the same thing happens with vitamins, carbohydrates or protein. First of all, and so is this food is remarkable because it comes with simple cell microorganisms composition allowing the body easily recognize and assimilate nutrients with little effort. The process of assimilation will be faster and therefore we will benefit a lot better nutrients that will give us. Although it should be noted that this refers to very high amounts of intake. At recommended doses is an aid and a complement to the traditional diet.

Phytoplankton has a lot of benefits for the body. We have previously commented that give us almost all the nutrients the body needs. Especially should be noted the electrolytic contribution we will offer. This will make the body’s pH levels are in perfect condition. Achieving this will cause the cells are maintained in perfect condition and working properly.

Benefits for the body

The consumption of phytoplankton especially also help us to get a better and more intensive cleansing of the body. The process produces it contains a number of elements known as diatoms which in the body act as microfilters purged our blood and tissues and thus avoiding the accumulation of toxins that can make our health worse. Therefore we get a steady balance in the body of impurities and waste substances.

Another point to consider is, according to a study conducted by the Department of education and health promotion at the University of Utah in the United States, after eating this food long a seen significant increase in lymphocytes. This leads to a general improvement in organic processes results in better overall is health, psychological mood, energy …

Keep in mind that this study is a pilot study developed a small sample of people. At present there are few relevant studies regarding this new food. Do not forget that it has developed and allowed for human consumption very recently and therefore still pending further studies, we must be cautious.

A summary of this important nutrient supply can be this. First of all phytoplankton contains minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates, omega 3 and 6 acids, RNA and trace elements. Precisely this whole string of nutrients prevent inflammatory, degenerative processes, cellular oxidation, acidification of body PH . It will also help to better emission of nerve impulses and body functions in general locomotor …

Using the phytoplankton in the kitchen

Phytoplankton is not yet a widespread type of food, although more and more chefs and include it in their recipes. This is primarily a food that comes dehydrated and in small quantities. It is often used as a condiment in main dishes. Your doses should be small, because the nutritional intake is high and therefore a small amount is more than enough.

For consumption we need to proceed to hydration. We can simply mix a small portion with water. Once the added ingredient will remove both and get a thick mass, an intense and aromatic green. This ingredient will provide an intense flavor dishes, so it is not necessary to include too. In addition, it is an expensive food that is level with truffles or caviar. Therefore we must use it sparingly and head.

When preparing dishes with phytoplankton especially we can mix it in salads, rice, fish, sauces … A specialist and pioneer of this food in the kitchen has been the Chef Angel Leon, he considered the “chef of the sea”. At our disposal is a series of recipes for cooking with this food gradually become an essential healthy cooking.

Phytoplankton is still an expensive food that is not available to all budgets. But nevertheless, it is not advisable to exceed the daily dose of 0.25 grams. In the market we can find phytoplankton dehydrated doses of 15 grams package. As discussed above, simply use is linked to flavor and give a special flavor to dishes.

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