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What are the most addictive foods in the world and why

most addictive foods

With certain foods, a bite is never enough, once you start eating you cannot stop but, have you ever wondered why? Today we bring you a list of the most addictive foods in the world and the scientific reasons that explain it.

If you have ever thought that you have no control because you can not stop eating certain foods, you should know that it is not just your thing:  there is addictive food that you can not stop eating once you taste the first bite. If you would like to identify which are the most addictive foods in the world and the reasons why you can not stop eating them, take note because we are going to show them to you.

Before going to review the list of the most addictive food in the world, to understand why there are certain foods that hooked we have to say that the fault lies in the response that our brain has when we are tasting them.

Some cause the release of dopamine, especially those that have a high content of sugar, salt or fat, which makes us want them more intensely as we eat them and that we feel like when we do not have them nearby.

Having said that,  we began to review the most addictive foods in the world. Take note!

Chocolatemost addictive foods

Surely it is not the first time you hear that chocolate is one of the most addictive meals there is. Scientific studies indicate that this is due, on the one hand, to the fact that it targets the same brain pleasure centers as alcohol or some drugs. On the other hand, it also stimulates the production of oxytocin, a hormone that makes us feel good. The combination of these two factors makes it very pleasant to eat chocolate, and we want to do it at times when we are sadder.

Cheesemost addictive foods

Cheese is another food that hooks enormously and you can not stop eating. The main reason that it is so addictive is its content in casomorphine, a substance that binds to neurotransmitters in the brain and releases dopamine. In addition, as it is generally rich in fat and cholesterol, this also contributes to wanting to eat it at all hours. Keep Reading- 10 foods for long life in2018

Carbohydratesmost addictive foods

How many times would you have given anything for a bag of chips, nachos or any other similar snack? Simple carbohydrates are very addictive because they cause a rapid release of glucose, which gives us instantaneous energy and a feeling of euphoria.

Sugary Sodasmost addictive foods

Due to its high sugar content, soft drinks stimulate the release of dopamine in the brain, so they can easily get hooked. If we add to this the caffeine that many of them carry, the addictive power increases, so consume them with care.

Chipsmost addictive foods

French fries bring together a number of factors that make them irresistible and tremendously addictive. They are high in carbohydrates, fat, and salt, and besides stimulating the pleasure center of the brain, being hot and crispy, they also delight our palate.

Frozenmost addictive foods

Have you ever devoured a large ice cream tub without realizing it? It is one of the most addictive foods in the world due to its high sugar content and its creamy texture, two factors that stimulate our brain in the same way as some drugs.

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