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8 tips to make healthy snacks

make healthy snacks

The snack time is always a small party that can also provide the energy and nutrients needed to supplement the diet. The snack is the snack of the afternoon and, in a balanced diet of five takes, it supposes approximately 10% of the daily energy. We share some tips to make healthy snacks.

It is essential in childhood and adolescence and is highly recommended at all ages to establish a homogeneous caloric distribution throughout the day.

Add foods that you do not include in the main dishes

The snack invites to include attractive foods that are easy to take anywhere because it is done at a time of the day when you are still active. But that does not mean it should be less healthy. On the contrary, it allows supplementing the diet with ingredients that have not been present in the main meals.

Tips to make healthy snacks

1. A lot of fruitmake healthy snacks

It is the ideal time to take fresh fruit -such as bananas, tangerines, kiwis or apples-, to complete the daily rations of fruit, with its contribution of water, vitamin C and antioxidants.

If there has been important energetic wear because it has become a sport, for example, it is preferable the dried fruit, with a greater concentration of sugars. It is the best way to make healthy snacks.

2. An ideal combinationmake healthy snacks

The snack invites to gather fruits and nuts in delicious and nutritious snacks, such as figs and nuts, dried apricots and hazelnuts, or dates and almonds. The carbohydrates and minerals of the former are coupled with the proteins, fatty acids, and vitamins of the latter.

3. Snacks of dried fruitmake healthy snacks

Dried fruit snacks are another sweet option. They can be found already prepared or can be dehydrated with a homemade dryer. In any case, they are an attractive and enjoyable solution for mid-afternoon.

4. Superfoods

Nuts and seeds combined with cereal flakes – in the form of granolas or sticks – can be true superfoods.

You can vary the more classic versions by adding pieces or inflated grain of quinoa or amaranth, along with sesame seeds, hemp or flax, with syrup and a light toasted touch.

5. Snacks and toastmake healthy snacks

A classic is bread or toast with oil or tomato, to which you can add cheeses or vegan sausages, from cashew nuts to pumpkin. There is also a wide range of biscuits, cookies, and muffins made with wholemeal flours, oil, vegetable milk, and healthy sweeteners.

6. Gluten-free optionsmake healthy snacks

Rice pancakes or corn nachos, along with all kinds of pâtés, such as avocado, olives, tofu or eggplant, are gluten-free options.

They can be prepared at home to take away, but there are also plenty of quality commercial options in organic stores.

7. Light refreshments

The vegetable milk and its derivatives such as yogurt, milkshakes, and desserts- are lightweight alternatives. Made with cereals such as rice, oats, and quinoa, and with nuts such as hazelnut or sesame, soy or horchata.

It is easy to find them in individual packages to take to school, some in a chocolate version for the little ones.

8. Unforgettable snacks

And to finish, remember with respect traditional sweets: olives, sunflower seeds, popcorn, coconut, lupine or roasted chickpeas. Combined with fruit, they can become succulent and always nutritious snacks.

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