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7 radioactive foods that you eat almost daily

radioactive foods

Practically all foods are radioactive, even if only a little, but there are those that are more so. These are the 7 most “dangerous”. We talk about the 7 radioactive foods that you eat almost daily.

Is radioactivity dangerous? Yes, but it depends on what quantities and what type. We are exposed almost permanently to it in one way or another, even when we eat. Luckily, this exposure is not dangerous since the radioactive foods you eat every day do not emit enough radiation to cause damage.

All foods and almost all organic compounds -including your body- contain carbon, emitting radiation. In particular, it is carbon-14 that is worth mentioning, used to date the exact documents and historical articles. Many  foods contain this  radioactive particle, some of them present in the diet of half the world

We share the 7 radioactive foods that you eat almost daily

1.Bananas and bananasradioactive foods

The banana is one of the most radioactive foods known. It is a common food anywhere in the world, very healthy because of its high potassium content. However, it emits enough radiation to sound the alarm on an airport scanner.

Luckily you would have to commit almost a ton of bananas to die poisoned. Before that, you would die of embarrassment.

2.Brazil nutsradioactive foods

Although they are rare in Spain, this nut can be bought in almost any supermarket. Popularly known as “coquitos”, Brazil nuts are rich in potassium and radio, two radioactive elements that you would not want to have in large quantities in your body.

Like the rest of radioactive foods, you can eat them quietly. You would need to give yourself an inhuman binge to suffer the negative consequences of both elements.

3.Carrotsradioactive foods

Carrots are rich in nutrients, tasty and inexpensive. That’s why many people consume them as snacks, in addition to using them to complement certain dishes. They are common in Spain and other countries, although they are also rich in radioactive elements, fortunately not in sufficient quantity.

You can continue to take them with ease, and in fact, you should do it.

4.Potatoesradioactive foods

We now arrive at another vegetable with a higher concentration of radio and potassium than usual, once again without being dangerous. Potatoes are radioactive foods in all their variants, both cooked and raw, and also fried.

They have less radioactivity than Brazil nuts or bananas, but it is still a noteworthy quantity.

5.Beerradioactive foods

In the drinks section, what is more, universal than beer? Both with alcohol and without alcohol, it is radioactive but much less than Zaharias. That does not mean it’s healthier to drink a liter of beer than a liter of juice.

Will this have something to do with making it one of the few drinks still safe after a nuclear apocalypse?

6.Red meatsradioactive foods

Red meat should be consumed very moderately, not only because it has been linked to several types of colorectal cancer but also because it has a high potassium and radium ratio.

The high potassium-40 content should be included in this list, but you should not worry too much: before you would kill other additives such as fat, sugar or an excess of salt die by radioactivity.

7. Salt low in sodiumradioactive foods

There are several types of salts, although one of the most common for daily consumption is the low sodium variant. Be very careful, because, in addition to hypertension and other health problems, it is rich in potassium chloride.

This makes it a  radioactive food as the most, in addition to being combined frequently with red meat, potatoes and other foods that also carry a good dose of particles.

But like the rest,  the amount of radioactivity is irrelevant. It is convenient not to abuse it for other reasons.

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