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7 good reasons to stop drinking fruit juice

drinking fruit juice

At breakfast time or afternoon tea, even well-chosen fruit juice is not a healthy ally. Risks of cardiovascular diseases, caries, overweight … Here are 7 reasons to limit your consumption, or even stop drinking fruit juice!

Good reasons to stop drinking fruit juice

You do not get (almost) any nutritional benefit from fruit juicedrinking fruit juice

When you prepare your breakfast, you probably think that your glass of orange juice will bring you a cocktail of vitamins to start the day: it’s wrong! Indeed, whatever the type of fruit juice you drink (pure, nectar, concentrated …), vitamins and minerals have disappeared for a long time. And the nutritional intake is almost zero. In the question, pasteurization processes for conservation during the manufacture of these food products that significantly reduce or eliminate these nutrients essential to our health.

Your transit does not benefit from the fibers of the fruitdrinking fruit juice

As part of a balanced diet, impossible to ignore fruits and vegetables. Not only for the general health, but also for their fiber intake, essential to keep a good transit.

The problem, in a fruit juice, these fibers are no longer present. Because after pressing the fruit, these substances of plant origin will not be found in your glass, since they are mainly present in the skin of fruits! Keep reading- Benefits of water with lemon for health

You absorb the equivalent of many squares of sugardrinking fruit juice

Contrary to popular belief, sodas, very often criticized (rightly) for the amount of sugar they contain, are not worse ultimately than fruit juice!

Indeed, the concentration of sugar can be very high in some bottles of fruit juice and can cause the blood sugar level to skyrocket. Beware also with these bad sugars at risk of overweight or obesity …

Finally, the smallest are not spared either: in 2016, a British study denounced the overflow of sugar in fruit juice sold in the trade. According to specialists, nearly half of them would contain the equivalent of the maximum daily amount of sugar recommended for children! It is one of the reasons for stop drinking fruit juice.

You can not replace a fruit with a glass of juicedrinking fruit juice

Because it’s more practical or better, it’s not uncommon to want to replace a fruit with a glass of fruit juice. Bad idea! As we have just seen, fruit juice in no way replaces an entire fruit. If you do not consume the skin and/or the flesh of the fruit. You do not get any nutritional benefit, on the contrary …

You do not get a feeling of satietydrinking fruit juice

If you’re hungry, eating a fruit is a great idea. On the other hand, drinking a glass of fruit juice will not bring you anything, not even the feeling of satiety. To calm a craving, it is necessary that the body sends the signal to the brain indicating that it is full. And for that, a single solution: chew (preferably slowly and conscientiously). Forget the fruit juice to calm a little hunger, and do you rather enjoy crunching in a fruit. It is one of the reasons for stop drinking fruit juice.

You increase the risk of cardiovascular diseasedrinking fruit juice

Many studies have already examined the damage caused by the excessive consumption of fruit juice or soda. Like a study published in 2014 by the Harvard School of Public Health. Which sounded the alarm by assuring that these sugary drinks were responsible, every year, for 180,000 deaths in the United States.

Two years later, a team of Australian researchers has shown that the consumption of fruit juices. As well as sodas can have a detrimental effect on our blood pressure. And could significantly increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

You may have cavitiesdrinking fruit juice

After brushing your teeth in the evening or in the morning, it can happen to drink with a glass of fruit juice. While ignoring that it can be deposited on the teeth … And yes, we say that without having to chew, the teeth will not be affected: it’s wrong! The chemical molecules and sugar contained in your fruit juice can, even in a sip, settle on your teeth and create cavities … Better, therefore, to opt for a glass of water. It is one of the reasons for stop drinking fruit juice.

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