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5 tips for health and wellness

tips for health

5 tips for health and wellness. Today we forget the physical exercise that is one of the best ways to maintain good health to talk about other tips that have to do with your day to day and that will make you happier and healthier.

1.Outside of mobile

Smartphones are a basic necessity in our daily routine. Many times we go in the car pending if any notification or we get angry when we have no coverage or Internet connection. Let the hand raise who has not seen on the street every time more and more people walking with their heads down looking at the screen of their mobile. Our first advice to have a fuller life is to avoid using the phone when you are at a meal, with your child in the park, with friends, with your partner … Unplug your mobile, talk, watch, play, enjoy yours that the day is very long and you will have time to use it. You do not always have to be answering the emails or WhatsApp messages that come to you instantly. It is one of the best tips for health and wellness.

2.Sleep welltips for health

Rest affects our health and daily life. Not sleeping the necessary hours will make us feel cured, fatigued and even in a bad mood. If we have problems sleeping, we should:

-Establish a routine to go to bed and get up at the same time.

-Adopt a good posture when sleeping.

-Have the bedroom well ventilated with a suitable temperature.

-Avoid napping in the afternoon and physical exercise shortly before bedtime.

-Have a good pillow and a good mattress according to our size.

3. Be optimistic and laugh

tips for health
Happiness concept, laugh. Optimistic girl toothy smiling. Studio shot

Optimism can be defined as the way of seeing things, people or situations from the most favorable point of view. It is a very positive way of thinking and acting because it contributes to achieving greater well-being both for the staff and for the people around you. Do not always put yourself in the worst, stop complaining and strengthen positive thoughts. This way you will make your life more pleasant. It is one of the best tips for health and wellness.

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4.Household cleaningtips for health

It is an unappetizing activity but keeping the house clean and orderly contributes to the well-being of the home. Nobody likes to clean, but we all like it to be clean. Do not be obsessed with cleanliness either but keep it properly. In addition to the frequent tasks such as washing the dishes or sweeping the floor, other types of cleaning such as weekly cleaning the refrigerator, once a month the high furniture and cabinets or every 6 months to wash the curtains or clean the interior of the cabinets from the kitchen. Having a plan and fulfilling it will make us feel better. It is one of the best tips for health and wellness.

5. Do not ‘burn’ at worktips for health

It seems silly but to many, it has happened that you leave work mentally exhausted without wanting to do anything in your free time directly impacting that state of mind in your family, friends and close friends. We have to learn to say ‘no’ more times when necessary, but without losing the attitude of companionship by helping and supporting so that work does not become a focus of bad environment. Express your feelings or concerns with colleagues and even bosses. Try to be happy at work and maintain a good working relationship because that is where we spend many and many hours of our lives. It is one of the best tips for health and wellness.

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