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15 vegetables you did not know you can eat and plant


The magic of Mother Nature. Before throwing the rest of the dinner in the trash, wait. Stems, roots, and leaves are really key to growing your favorite vegetables at home.

The vegetables you can eat and plant


Save the avocado bone the next time you make guacamole. All you have to do is use toothpicks to hold the bone over a glass of water with the base of the seed touching the water. Once the roots begin to grow, add potted earth to the water so that the avocado thrives.

Romaine lettucevegetables

Eating salad is about to be even more satisfying after you grow these same healthy vegetables. You simply have to put the part of the stem on the ground, leave it in the window near the sunlight and with water and you will see the leaves grow back from the center at any time.


After cutting the bottom of the onion, let it dry for a couple of days. Then shave the earth a little in a pot to place the piece of onion. You will have to harvest the onions as they grow. It is one of the vegetables you can eat and plant.


Lovers of Caprese sauce, this is for you: To regenerate this herb, cut the leaves to 3/4 of the stem, then place them in a glass of water. Change the water every few days and you will see how the roots begin to form. When the roots measure about 5 cm. long can be planted already on the land.


To grow new stalks of celery, submerge the base in water for three days. When the leaves begin to grow in the center, plant it in a pot, letting the soil reach the leaves, and take care of it like any other plant.

Bok choyvegetables

Since it is very similar to celery in shape, it is cultivated in the same way (submerged in water, face up). But these bloggers discovered that it grows faster than celery and transplanted it into a pot in a week. Continue reading-Benefits of water with lemon for health


Since these onions are like any other bulb plant, they can grow in a cup of water. You just have to cover the bottom of the onion with water. The green shoots will grow again in about 10 days. It is one of the vegetables you can eat and plant.

Carrot leavesvegetables

This trick does not grow carrots, only green leaves, which are increasingly used in salads. To do this, cut about 5 cm near the end and dip them in half in water in a shallow dish. Leave it near a window and in one or two weeks the green leaves will bloom. It is one of the vegetables you can eat and plant.

Garlic sproutsvegetables

It is probable that you have found some head of garlic in your pantry that has already begun to sprout. The next time you find them, place the garlic clove in a glass and add water until it covers the bottom. Leave it near the window and you will see more stems growing.


This fresh ingredient is very common in Thai and Vietnamese dishes, but it is not always easy to find in supermarkets. That’s why we recommend you to replant it at home, you just have to place stems in a glass that covers half, when you see the roots and you can plant them.


If you like to add a little to your morning smoothies, you have to try this trick. You just have to select a few rhizomes with buds and plant them on land, after a few months you will see how it springs from the ground.

Sweet potatoesvegetables

Grow your own sweet potatoes at home by placing the end of one in a jar, about 5 cm from the bottom. Soon the roots will begin to grow. When they are a few centimeters long, it is time to plant it on land.


Surely the first thing you do is throw these thorny leaves in the trash, but they are the key to growing more pineapples. Dip the crown of the fruit in water. After about three weeks, you will see that the root begins to grow, that is when you can plant on the ground and after a couple of months, you will have a new pineapple plant. It is one of the vegetables you can eat and plant.


If you have left the potatoes in the pantry forgotten, make new ones. All you have to do is cut them into pieces and plant them in pots with dirt, or in a double-thick paper bag like this blogger did.


Use the mycelium in the fungi – white fibers almost hairy looking along the stem – to regenerate this superfood. Simply store it in a brown paper bag full of damp clothes, save it for about three months and you will have new mushrooms for your stews.

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